These Children’s Activity Books are the books for the week!

Peel + Discover: Oceans, Peel + Discover: Space, and Peel + Discover: Cars! Trains! Trucks! And More (June 23,2020; Ages 6+; $9.95)

The sticker book series that provides young learners with a world of intriguing information to discover using—you guessed it!—stickers! Each sticker page features hidden facts underneath stickers. Once a sticker is peeled off, a relevant, fascinating fact is revealed. Activity pages with corresponding prompts are featured next to the to the sticker pages for readers to use as sticker landscapes, adding hours of fun to the whole experience. Kids will turn into trivia buffs right before your eyes. These will be a hit with your children and I recommend for ages 6-9.

My favorites are the Space and the Cars! Trucks! Trains! These next ones are sure to be hit this summer with the kids! Welcome to ORIGAMI CITY (June 23, 2020; Ages 6+; $24.95)a vibrant paper metropolis boasting bright yellow school buses, a bustling airport, adorable dogs chasing squirrels, and more. A revolutionary, modern twist on the ancient art of origami, ORIGAMI CITY is brimming with beautifully illustrated folding papers, step-by-step instructions, and a foldout paper play mat on which to build the perfect paper neighborhood. From the brilliantly creative mind of Taro Yaguchi, origami master, patent lawyer, and founder of Taro’s Origami Studio in Brooklyn, NY. Yaguchi has established himself as a creative leader in the world of origami and has garnered attention from major brands like Uniqlo, Lexus, Twitter, NBC, and production studios such as Nickelodeon, Laika Studios, and Focus Features.

And, looking for something for the little older kids this Summer? This next one is great for ages 7-10. It is sure to keep them busy and having fun! Mega-Maze Adventure! A Journey Through the World’s Longest Maze in a Book (July 7, 2020; Ages 7+; $14.95) is an interconnected maze spreading across 14 swirling, hypnotic, and richly illustrated pages. Starting with the cover of the book, weave your way through the zig-zagging maze until you reach a portal, a physical hole in the cover that takes you inside the book. Though the maze continues through each portal, every turn of the page reveals a new thematic realm: Skyscraper World, Butterfly World, Rollercoaster World, Snow World, Underwater World, Dragon World. Fourteen-pages and portals later, find yourself in End of the World having completed the entire 604-foot long maze!

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Self Disclosure: I received free copies of the above books to facilitate this book feature. Cover images were also provided.

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