The YES Bar is the perfect on-the-go Snack!

Have you heard of the YES Bar? They are quite tasty!

The YES Bar, featured on the Today Show and on Yahoo, takes the best ingredients like macadamias from Hawaii, sea salt harvested in France, artisanal German dark chocolate, and tangy California sun-dried strawberries and apricots, to create four mouth watering (nearly vegan minus the honey) flavors:
  • Macadamia Chocolate
  • Black Sesame Sea Salt
  • Mocha Cayenne
  • Strawberry Coconut

The YES Bar is committed to a completely anti-inflammatory profile of nuts, seeds, and clean carbohydrates. There are no grains, fillers, preservatives, soy or refined sweeteners like agave or brown rice syrup. The YES Bar uses just the highest quality ingredients that anyone can say YES to! The bars are individually wrapped making them easy to store in a purse, backpack, lunch box or even a carry-on, and the round shape gives you a cookie feel without any guilt.

The YES Bar was created by Abigail Wald after giving birth to her son who had so many food sensitivities. She was tired of always having to say “no” to the foods he wanted to try and in frustration and out of love, created a bar she could say YES to.

I had the opportunity to receive a few samples and I love the taste and love that they are a great snack to take on the go. I also feel that it is a healthier option than many other snacks out there! 

The YES Bar has an 8-month shelf life and is made of high protein nuts, seeds, dried fruit and spices bound together with maple syrup, honey and tahini. The composition of the bar is distinctive. The bars are hand crafted in small batches and pressed into circles. Each bite in The Yes Bar is a little bit different and complex versus the same taste you might get with every other bar.

In addition to a commitment to a healthy body, The YES Bar is committed to the earth, the packaging is made from craft paper and the 6-pack display boxes are 100% compostable and recyclable and come from responsibly managed forests.

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Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this post. I also received additional information and images. 


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