The World’s First Portable, Full-Size Splash Pad for Your Home is Here: Meet Splash2o

Built by a parent team turned entrepreneurs, Splash2o launches a portable, complete splash pad system for hours of backyard summer fun.

When David and Carol Ertur became parents, they started taking their young children to a nearby splash park, quickly realizing how much effort was spent trying to get kids out of the house just to cool off. Easy access to a pool or the beach isn’t an option for many families. There had to be a way to make something where our kids could have the same level of outdoor enjoyment without having to leave the house.

Enter Splash2o. Launching today on Indiegogo and starting at $249 for early pre-orders. Splash2o’s Aqua-Tower is the world’s first portable at-home splash pad, with an industrial design built to rival the splash pads at public parks. Splash2o gives families (finally!) an affordable, versatile and long-lasting solution for safe and convenient outdoor water fun at home.

The Highlights:

  1. With a flexible and collapsible design, Splash2o features a simple click to connect setup and folds down quickly for storage, providing a hassle-free experience for parents and caregivers.
  2. Customizable water play: Choose from up to eight Aqua-Stations for a customized play experience that make up the Aqua-Tower system, including bucket pouring, shower stream, a misting station, several fun sprinkler designs and more.
  3. Accommodates kids of all ages: the Aqua-Tower has a spacious footprint (up to 25’ spray zone) and height options (from 3’ to 6’), allowing kids of all sizes to enjoy the water fun.

Splash2o founder David Ertur, an inventor and engineer with 7 issued patents, tried looking for a high-quality splash pad for his home and found that outdoor water toys fell into two basic categories: cheaper plastic or pricey inflatables both of which break easily, and commercial grade at-home splash pads that cost thousands of dollars.

“Splash2o is that middle ground – I wanted to design a splash pad that had many similar elements to what you’d find at a public park but could easily be setup in your backyard. The Aqua-Tower is super simple to install and only requires a garden hose to power. It is designed to grow with your family with custom Aqua-Stations for a range of ages – I know you’ll have (and use!) your Aqua-Tower for years and years.”

With easily interchangeable Aqua-Stations and a variety of setups, Splash2o can be configured to entertain and occupy kids of any age and allow parents to avoid the hassle of packing bags and heading out to public parks to stay cool. Splash2o has a 9’x9’ footprint and easily folds up to a 2’x2’ footprint, making it an affordable and space-friendly choice for any outdoor family backyard spot.

Splash2o will be available for pre-order on Indiegogo until June 19, 2019, with a limited number of early bird backers getting almost 60% off retail value. For educational and daycare facilities who are interested in bulk orders, there is a commercial pack backer level for $1,745. Once the campaign is complete, David and team will start the production process to work to get each first-round backer their Aqua-Tower in early 2020. Retail price for the world’s first portable at-home splash pad starts at $599.

To learn more about Splash2o products and the founders, visit the Indiegogo campaign page as well as their website.

Built by a parent team turned entrepreneurs, Splash2o launches a portable, complete splash pad system for hours of backyard summer fun. You might need some front yard fence ideas for yard to ensure the Splash2o fits in!

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