The World’s 1st App To Help Young Children Fall Back to Sleep – IT’S SLEEPHERO TO THE RESCUE!!!


Sleepless nights for parents with young kids will hopefully be a thing of the past with the new app – SleepHero.  SleepHero came about after a dad experienced what most new parents endure – crying babies and sleepless nights. He tried many techniques, but came to realize that ten minutes of daddy’s singing sent his son back to sleep quite effectively. This of course meant that a bleary-eyed daddy was still required in person to deliver the dulcet tones. What was needed, he thought, was a robot to step in at night to handle all singing requests from the little person. And so began the design of an app that would unashamedly trick his son into thinking that daddy was on night call to recite endless renditions of Twinkle Twinkle and Rock-a-bye Baby. SleepHero allows parents to record their own voices into their iPhone, iPad, or iPod – and the recording of talking, singing, or even just shushing is then automatically activated when the child begins to stir or make noise at night, gently soothing them back to sleep.

Although I didn’t try this one sounds like a must needed app! I do know someone who checked it out and their son loved it! Recommended for younger kids…the younger the better!

Available on the App store.

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