The Whitey Harrison Classic Takes Off Saturday, August 10th

Photo Credit: C. Silvester.

Dana Outrigger Canoe Club is gearing up for their largest and most exciting event of the year at Dana Point Harbor. The annual Whitey Harrison Classic is set to take off on Saturday, August 10, and will consist of over 900 competitors from 32 outrigger canoe clubs across Southern California racing to the finish line in a 9-man outrigger canoe. This 20-mile water race will start at 8:30 a.m. just off the shores of Doheny State Beach, with activities wrapping up by 5 p.m. Competitors push their canoes past the beachy waves just outside the mouth of Dana Point Harbor, venture out to Main Beach in Laguna, and travel back to Doheny to cross the finish line. 

Celebrating it’s 49th year, the race started in 1971 as part of Dana Point Harbor’s opening ceremonies. The Whitey Harrison Classic, the first 9-man race of the season for the Southern California Outrigger Association, is separated into 19 competitive divisions with competitors ranging in age from 12 to 70 years. Each canoe consists of 6 paddlers and 3 alternatives on a support boat who swap places during the race, all while keeping a steady fast pace through the water. 

Spectators line up along Dana Point and Laguna Beach rooting on their favorite team as they make their way up the coastline. A variety of vendors and activities will be stationed at Doheny Beach park for onlookers to visit throughout the duration of the race. Each canoe club will have their own tents set up along the beach as well for all visitors to meet the teams and get to know some of their favorite athletes. 

Dana Outrigger Canoe Club invites all to experience this incredible race and learn more about the outrigger life that has brought athletes and ocean lovers together in an extraordinary sport.

Credit:  Dana Outrigger Canoe Club.

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