The Unexpected Homeschooler: Anxiety and the Gifted Child by Diana Starr


This book is recommended for parents and grandparents of children entering into the public school system, especially those that have special intellectual or social-emotional needs.  It will make you ask yourself the question, “Will my kid fit in that environment?” and will give you the early warning signs to look out for in the event things go wrong.

Does your child have “special” intellectual or social and emotional needs?  Do they need to constantly be moving or need mental stimulation?  Has any of your family been diagnosed as ADHD, Asperger or other disruptive diagnoses?  Are any of your relatives Mensa members or considered “Gifted”?  If so, you may want to read this book before you put your kids in public school!

Many public schools will not even test for their “GATE” programs until the 2nd grade.  Until then, what happens to your bright Kindergartner or First Grader?  This is the story of one family’s ordeal and recovery from their experience in Los Angeles public schools.

by Diana Starr

I bought this book on for my Kindle and was quite impressed! I also have a child who has tested “gifted” and is bright and a bit quirky so I am homeschooling. Diana Starr paints a very realistic view of the public school system. You may ask, “how do I know if I homeschool?” I used to be a Case Manager (attended more IEP’s than I can remember) and have also worked in the classroom including special education. I don’t mean to get into a homeschool vs. public or private school debate but it really doesn’t fit every child. It’s great that there are other options such as homeschooling to find what is the best “fit” for our children. -Review by Denise A. Bloomfield.

Self Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation to feature this book. Photo Credit: Diana Starr.



  1. Wow! I recently met Diana, and since my eldest is starting kinder, and we live in the same neighborhood, ended up talking about the schools in the area, and I heard some of her story and how they had ended up homeschooling, but had no idea she had written a book about it, awesome!

  2. Hi. Sounds like we have a few things in coommn except we are no longer homeschooling. (Something I have mixed emotions about). Also, it sounds like you are a much more experienced farmer than I am. I’ll look forward to reading your blog.

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