The Ultimate Easter Gift Guide for the Kids!


Friendship Bracelet Maker

Description: Deluxe friendship bracelets made easy! By mastering 4 knots and following the color-coded pattern on the roll, designs quickly take shape that were once too time-consuming, complex, and out of reach for the casual bracelet maker. Additional print-out pattern templates and video tutorials can be found online at This beautiful and time-saving friendship bracelet maker offers the perfect playtime activity for tweens to explore their creativity. This one is sure to be a hit! I recommend it for ages 8+. Available at: Target

MSRP: $29.99

The Popular MyGears Collection From Edx Education Is Now Being Offered Online At Target and Just In Time For Easter!

The well-loved and award-winning children’s brand, Edx Education has launched its popular MyGears toy online at Target. Their MyGears collection launched in late 2022 and has been a real hit ever since by both children and parents. The range has been STEAM accredited by The Toy Association and even recognized as a trending range. Now their new Transport Set toy is available online at Target. Their Transport Set is great to inspire early STEAM in children 3 years and older. This 118-piece set features instructions for 8 dynamic vehicle and machine models. Follow their activity guide or experiment with your own engineering creations!

This is so much fun!

ZipLinx Hi-Fly Set (Blip Toys): This high-flying, chain-reaction activity set delivers the eye-popping payoff of the classic domino run— but ZipLinx launch pieces up to 3 feet in the air for the finale! The magic of the system is not only the ease of set-up but there’s also no accidental starts. That means your design literally won’t “pop” until you insert the special Linx Launcher Key! Available now on Amazon. (MSRP $19.99; Ages 6+)

Fun game to play!

Blackbeard’s Treasure Hunt (Vango Toys): Avast me hearties! This newest kid’s action game from Vango has all the pirate-loving tropes for young swashbucklers! Follow the treasure map, unlock a treasure chest, and collect the booty of gold doubloons that spill out of the Chest! Takes both luck. . . and strategy.  Yo ho ho… this sounds like a lot of fun!!! Available at Target (MSRP: $19.99; Ages 4+)

I just love this one!

Cake-N-Bake Challenge (Hey Buddy Hey Pal): A totally different kind of action-packed family game with a delicious, rainbow-layer, foam cake as the center of attention! Object of the game is to, well, just be the fastest baker! Players race to stack their cake slices based on the order on a game card. The first to correctly stack their cake wins a candle, and whoever collects six candles wins and gets to wear the included chef’s hat. ALSO great for preschoolers learning their colors – plus no reading required!! Available on Amazon (MSRP: $27.99; Ages 4+) I teach a preschool class and I especially like that this is a game they will enjoy while they also learn colors!

Stuffed animals are great comfort items for people of all ages with autism. Stuffed animals often provide a sense of security and sensory regulation, which helps many autistic adults and kids feel grounded in their bodies. Big Nibble Bunny is huggable, luggable and simply adorable. Nibble’s long lop ears are buttery soft and perfect for soothing away worries. Since 1986 Bunnies by the Bay has designed gifts with love and to be loved, for many years to come. I am in love with this bunny! It is just adorable and it is so soft!

Sold on FAO Schwarz, Hallmark, Neiman Marcus

Now, if you have a child that you can not see this Easter and would love to send them a gift..I recommend this next one!

Send a box full of Unicorn hugs to your loved ones with BoxFull! When you can’t be there, BoxFull and their Hug in a Box ensures your loved ones feel your love and warmth anywhere. BoxFull is dedicated to helping people stay connected. In addition to the new fuzzy friend with arms outstretched upon opening – each box also comes with a special poem and a customized message. Sending flowers can feel empty and they just die in a week. BoxFull is sending something meaningful that lasts. The Original Bear Hug in a Box makes for a versatile and thoughtful gift for any occasion. From military parents leaving a loving reminder of their presence to parents supporting their stressed college student from across the country, these warm hugs are guaranteed to brighten anyone’s day. Send love and comfort with a box full of hugs. This one is good for birthdays and other special occasions too!

Price: Starting at $44.95 and available on Etsy

Happy Easter!

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this holiday-featured gift guide. Images and info were also provided.

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