The Perfect Pet by Samantha Bell


After Begging for a pet, a child’s mother finally says “yes.” But which animal will be the best pet? Using animal classification and habitat needs, the child narrows it down from Kingdom Animalia, through invertebrates to vertebrates. Reptiles and amphibians are out, and birds and fish are soon off the list. That leaves mammals, but which one? An elephant won’t fit through the door, and a tiger would be too hard to walk. What’s a child to do? This is a fun and entertaining story for children ages 5-8. My son and I enjoyed finding out what the child in the story would do! As usual, with the Sylvan Dell Publishing Books there is a great section For Creative Minds and this one includes Animal Classification and Compare and Contrast the Animals activities. For more information, check out the Sylvan Dell Publishing website.

Self Disclosure: I received this book free to facilitate this review.

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