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In her anticipated new how-to guide, The New Colored Pencil (on sale 5/20/14), bestselling author,artist, and teacher Kristy Ann Kutch introduces readers new techniques and strategies for making colored pencil art more vibrant, textured, and less labor intensive.
One of the many tools utilized by skilled artists in creating special effects or for retouching old photographs, colored pencils are increasingly standing on their own as a fine art medium. The New Colored Pencil guides readers through the myriad of new developments in materials, techniques, and practices, focusing on both traditional and modern styles and uses of the colored pencil.
Moving beyond the regular wax or oil based traditional pencils associated with grade school art classes, new types of pencils with vastly different merits and characteristics, such as watercolor pencils, are expanding the possibilities at an artist’s disposal.

Featuring the work of dozens of contemporary colored pencil artists, taking on a wide array of subjects, from still lifes and portraits, to landscapes and much more, The New Colored Pencil will appeal to artists no matter their focus.

With lessons in color theory, combining color media, creating and enhancing textures, and experimenting with new surfaces, each chapter spotlights a number of demonstrations to make even the most novice of drawers into an adept impressionist.
Some examples of the simple, easy-to-follow lessons include:

 Applying and Lifting Colored Pencil
 Creating and Enhancing Textures with Colored Pencil
 Compatible Surfaces for Waxy Colored Pencils
 Getting the Most Out of Color
 Combining Color Drawing Media
For artists seeking new inspiration and perspectives on this exciting and diverse medium, The New Colored Pencil will be the ideal go-to guide.

We received a copy of this book and besides looking at the beautiful drawings, I love how detailed the instructions are in this book.  I highly recommend for everyone especially those who love to draw or those who just love art.

Self Disclosure: I received this book for free to facilitate this post.


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