The Littles, Jan. 31st Pets of the Week!

Meet our trio of tricksters! We call them the Littles, but they each pack a lot of spunk and personality. From left, Daisy is a female black-and-white Chihuahua, about 5 years old—note that Daisy will bond fast and firm to one person and anyone else is chopped liver. Charlie, the tan fellow in the middle, is about 7 and still plays like a kid! Li’l Bit rounds off the Three Pupsketeers—she’s a loving girl who likes to play with her doggie friends. Meet them on the shelter side of the Companion Animal Village at 7700 East Spring St., (562) 570-PETS. Ask for ID#A616759 for Daisy, ID##A616902 for Charlie, and ID##A618139 for Li’l Bit.

(The usual suspects contributed to this rescue)

Credit: Courtesy of the Companion Animal Village. 

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