In this extraordinary book, Keri Smith prompts readers to chronicle the things they love—the books, movies, music, colors, people, eras, weather, smells, sounds, shapes and creatures that fascinate them. These items then become the building blocks for an imaginary world, in with its own landscape, place names, maps, currency, residents, foods and history.


Beginning in one small corner of the world—their own—readers will embark on an imaginary adventure, where they will:

  • Discover the three secrets of magic
  • Invent a new persona and various secret identities
  • Write a manifesto
  • Invent new holidays
  • Create a soundtrack
  • Transform parts of the real world
  • Build a shrine or monument

It will be available on Amazon starting September 2nd!

THE IMAGINARY WORLD OF…is a break from reality and an invitation to dabble in the impossible: part absurd, part utopian and totally magical.

I received a copy of this book and I just love how this book is great for both adults and children. I really believe that imagination is something we need so much more of in our life. I can not wait to use this with my son this school year. 

Self Disclosure: I received a free book to facilitate this feature.

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