The Crew Goes Coconuts!: A Captain No Beard Story Volume 6


The Crew Goes Coconuts is a delightful, creative, imaginative story with a very important lesson for young children. The lesson is that everyone is different and shouldn’t be made fun of or not be liked because of their differences. Everyone has things that they are good at and things that they are not so good at. I love the fun characters such as Mongo the Monkey and Linus the Lion. Matie the Goat is the one who is different. For one, she doesn’t have a name that starts with a “G” for Goat and all the other animals have names that start with the letter of what they are. Captain No Beard is the insightful one who asks all the animals the meaningful questions of “what is something they like about themselves and something they don’t” and this helps the animals to learn that everyone has something about themselves that they don’t like. It also helps that Matie the Goat saves the day! But, you have to read the book to find out more about that! Very creative story and I love the colorful illustrations!


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