Thanksgiving Must-Haves in the Kitchen! Trudeau Turkey Day essentials

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The LARGE GRAVY SEPARATOR is a must-have!


To create rich and flavorful gravy liquid fat must be separated from the drippings. Luckily, separating liquid fat is easy to do with this specially designed and chef approved (voted # 1 by Rachael Ray, Christopher Kimble, and the professionals at Cooks Illustrated) fat separator. This pitcher style has a large mouth and angled sprout for easy pouring (it holds a hefty 4 cups of liquid stock). Separators work for two reasons: one, because fat and water do not mix, and two, because fat always rises above the liquid in the container. Simply pour pan drippings into separator and watch the fat rise to the top while lean gravy settles to the bottom.

I can’t wait to try this one on Thanksgiving!


Here are Trudeau’s quick tips for making the perfect gravy using a Gravy Separator:

  • When the liquid settles in the container, pour it off slowly stopping just before the layer of fat floating on the liquid’s surface reaches the opening for the spout.
  • Using the integrated strainer is helpful when defatting pan drippings that are still mixed with chunks of aromatic vegetables, herb sprigs, or other flavorings, separating them ensures a smooth, rich gravy.

Retail price $16.99.


The Potato Masher is a new favorite of mine! 

I tried this one out this past week because I just couldn’t wait until Thanksgiving! I mashed sweet potatoes with it and was impressed with how easy it is to use! It also seemed like it took a lot less time!


The Trudeau Potato Masher reduces strain on hands and joints and is ideal for those with arthritis or limited hand dexterity. From its extra wide comfortable horizontal handle providing more leverage and less effort to its dual sided integrated bowl scrapers this product makes the task of mashing potatoes and other vegetables faster and easier than ever.  Perfectly designed for deep pots and dishwasher safe.


Here are Trudeau’s quick tips for using a masher:

  • Be sure potatoes are thoroughly cooked
  • Use a press and twist motion with the masher
  • Add a little liquid (milk/cream) a little at a time
  • If you like the skins in your finished product, a masher is the best way to go.

Retails for $14.99.

You can find both at Trudeau!


Have a Happy Thanksgiving!



Self Disclosure: I received free product samples to facilitate this post. Photos were provided. Quick tips were also provided.

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