New Color Lineup

Looking for a fast and fun game that the whole family will enjoy? Tenzi is the answer! My family loves it! Basically, it’s a really easy game to play. Everyone gets 10 dice (up to 4 players) and you start rolling as fast as you can until someone gets all their dice on the same number. It’s not quite as easy as it may sound and you have a whole lot of fun playing! Game includes 40 dice (ten each of four different colors & a rule sheet for $14.95. The rules are pretty simple and I also love that there are more ways to play such as Tenzi Tower where you stack them on top of each other. My son loves this one! Tenzi is just a great game and perfect for Rainy days and for family nights. Actually, this game would be fun anytime! For more information, check out the website. Check your local toy store or book store to also buy this fun game!

TENZI in Dice_Close Up                                  tenzi 23096_Crop_Clean


Self Disclosure: I received free product samples to facilitate this review feature. Photo Credit: Tenzi.

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