Summertime at Legoland


It’s still summertime! This is the absolute best time to visit Legoland! My son was thrilled when I told him that we would be visiting Legoland including their waterpark and the Sea Life Aquarium.  So, on a sunny day last week we traveled to Carlsbad to spend the day exploring the fun-filled amusement parks. We started our day in Legoland and had so much fun on the Coast Cruise, Fairy Tale Brook and my son’s favorite was the Miniland Cities. He had so much fun telling me all the different landmarks and cities. He was amazed at how real they all looked!


But, we have to admit..we couldn’t wait to go to the Legoland Water Park! We were excited to see the new swashbuckling Pirate Reef! The Pirate Reef opened up this past May 24, 2012. The swashbuckling pirate adventure ride invites guests to battle each other on high seas as they blast water cannons, try to avoid getting drenched on the main bridge and plunge 25-feet down a chute that splashes through the battle between Captain Red Brick and Captain Blue Brick. My son quickly picked the side of  Captain Blue Brick!  We just loved the water park with fun rides like Splash Out and Joker Soaker. They have something for all ages from the Imagination Station to the Kid Creek. Our favorite was the Build-A-Raft River- a one-of-a-kind concept where kids customize their own raft made of soft LEGO bricks before floating down a lazy river. This is so much fun! I could have stayed in there all day!


We were having so much fun that we were only able to make a short visit through the Sea Life Aquarium before ending our day back in Legoland. The Sea Life  Carlsbad Aquarium has more that 200 species of sea creatures and the new Claws exhibit. Our favorite were the the sharks and clown fish!  Another favorite in Legoland was the dancing with the Legoland cast. My son loved it and it was a perfect end to our day.  Don’t forget to check out Legoland on Facebook too!

* SoCal City Kids received free admission to explore the parks.*

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