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 How to Find Your Way Home:

Emily has been looking for the same face in every crowd for more than a decade: her brother’s. She’ll do anything to find him, she just never expects that one day he will walk through the door of the London housing office where she works, homeless and in need of help. Emily’s overjoyed to see Stephen—her older brother, her hero, the one who taught her to look for the flash of a bird’s wings and instilled in her a love and respect for nature’s wonders—and invites him to live with her.

But the baggage of the day that tore them apart, more than fifteen years before, is heavy. As they attempt to rebuild their relationship, they embark on the birding adventure they’d always promised to take when they were just children running wild in the wetlands of Canvey Island. And so, amid the soft, familiar calls of the marsh birds, they must finally confront what happened that June day—and in all the days since—if they are to finally find their way home.

Violet Covington pens Dear Sweetie, the most popular advice column in the state of North Carolina. She has an answer for how to politely handle any difficult situation…until she discovers her husband, Sam, has been cheating on her. Furious and out of sensible solutions, Violet leaves her filter at the door and turns to her column to air her own frustrations. The new, brutally honest Dear Sweetie goes viral, sending more shock waves through Violet’s life. When she burns Sam’s belongings in a front-yard, late-night bonfire, a smoking-hot firefighter named Dez shows up to douse the flames, and an unexpected fling quickly shows potential to become something longer lasting.

A lot of people want to see the old polished Violet return—including her boss, who finds her unpredictability hard to manage, and Sam, who’s begging for another chance. But Dez appreciates Violet just the way she is—in fact, he can’t get enough of her. The right answers don’t come easily when Violet finds herself at her own personal crossroads. But maybe, by getting real, Violet can write her own happy ending.

From New York Times bestselling author Kelly Yang,NEW FROM HERE (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers | On Sale 03/1/22), comes a poignant middle grade novel about courage, hope, and resilience as an Asian American boy fights to keep his family together and stand up to racism during the initial outbreak of the coronavirus. Based on her own lived experience, Kelly Yang spins a heart-warming tale of courage, hope and resilience in the face of unprecedented times. 


Kelly Yang is the New York Times bestselling and award-winning author of Front Desk, winner of the 2019 Asian/Pacific American Award for Children’s Literature, Three Keys, Room to Dream, and ParachutesVisit her at

The Friendly Mouse by Sophia R. Tyler

Evoking the tone and style of Aesop’s Fables, this new picture book calls back to beloved classics like Peter Rabbit. Debut author Sophia R. Tyler hopes to reintroduce the timeless message of the Golden Rule to young children. This is a delightful book that I really enjoyed reading to children ages 4-7.

The Pet Potato by Josh Lacey, illustrated by Momoko Abe is a delightful, offbeat picture book about finding companionship in unlikely places.
Although a potato cannot do the typical things a pet can – like learn tricks, or go for walks, or snuggle – this adorable story shows that with a sprinkling of love and patience, and a whole lot of imagination, a strong friendship can still blossom.
At its heart, this story reminds kids to celebrate what makes them different and to share their uniqueness with the world – this heartwarming message paired with Abe’s vibrant and expressive illustrations creates one spud-tastic read-aloud! This is one that I recommend for all young children!

An ideal “first book” for absolute beginners, 15-Minute Painting: Effortless Watercolor uses large brushstrokes and minimal, colorful palettes to help budding artists create light, carefree paintings in practically no time at all. After a quick overview of the basic tools and materials, including papers, brushes, and paints, and a brief introduction to choosing and mixing colorsEffortless Watercolor demonstrates how to use just a few brushstrokes to create lively works of art in a simple, modern style.

Keep your hands busy and your mind playing and free of stress with A Happy Book of Little Gifts to Make. This book features easy-to-follow step-by-step projects, creative inspiration, and prompts—all designed to be done at home using affordable, accessible materials. Best of all, the projects are small-scale, so they are portable, giftable, adorable, and fun! A Happy Book of Little Gifts to Make includes varied projects done in all kinds of materials, from papier-mache and paper to crayonspaint, and paint pens.

As we all spend time at home, you may find yourself looking for a creative outlet that doesn’t require you to get out and about. That’s where Watercolor Painting at Home comes in, with ideas and inspiration for painting from your couch, front porch, backyard, and more. Painting your favorite things will make your home look more beautiful to you, and it will help you appreciate where you live and what you have. It’s easy to find inspiration at home; just look to your holiday décor, favorite recipes, plants, office, and more.

Starting with pencil techniques and warm-up exercises, 15-Minute Drawing: Getting Started guides you in exploring the basics of drawing with graphite pencil—from how to hold a pencil and varying pressure to practicing basic strokes and techniques, including hatching, crosshatching, stippling, creating texture, blending, and more. Prompts and open spaces invite you to practice your newfound skills directly inside the book and to record your progress.

HOW TO HUG A PUFFERFISH by Ellie Peterson is such a fun book to read! This picture book follows a group of adorable underwater friends who learn to ask for permission before showing their prickly, pufferfish pal some love. It’s an accessible story and the perfect introduction to the concept of consent and body autonomy. This is one I really enjoy reading to a group of children for story time. I recommend it for ages 3-8.

 This next book is from a children’s activity book series called Easy and Fun Paint Magic with Water.

 In this series, just add water! These books provide a fun and mess-free painting activity. Using the provided paintbrush, simply wet with water and watch the colors magically appear on each black-and-white illustration within this kid’s painting book as it comes to life.

There are four books in this series: AnimalsDinosaursFairies and Friends, and Unicorns and Friends

Look for these books this Summer!

Self Disclosure: I received free copies of the above books to feature. Images were also provided.

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