Summer Baby Round-Up

goSili new mini straws 

GoSili Reusable Mini Silicone Straw, Soft, Non-toxic, Translucent and Dishwasher Safe, 5 count.

If you are a Mom on the go this Summer, the goSili new mini straws are a must!

GoSili Reusable Silicone Straws are made from nontoxic, platinum silicone and can be used over and over again. This Mini Straw Multi-pack will allow you to enjoy every sip of your beverage all while reducing your plastic footprint. Our reusable straws are the alternative to all of those single-use plastic straws that end up in our landfills and pollute our waters! Every day, 500 million plastic straws are thrown away in the US – it is time to make a change! GoSili reusable silicone straws are soft and flexible, but strong enough so they do not collapse when you are drinking. This key design technique is what makes our reusable straws the best reusable straw! A GoSili reusable silicone straw won’t melt in your drink like a paper straw or hurt your pearly whites like a stainless-steel straw. GoSili straws are designed with maximum durability in mind, while also being easy to clean! Because our reusable straws are translucent, you can easily see when the straws are clean. They are dishwasher safe, can be washed by hand (no brush required!), and can even be boiled to sterilize. These GoSili Mini Reusable Silicone Straws are 5.5 inches in length, with an opening of 0.6 centimeters. Ideal for smaller cups, these Mini Straws work great in kid-sized cups or with your favorite rocks glass. On behalf of our planet, thank you for making the choice to waste less, and GoSili.

Key Features:

  • Reusable straw made with 100% European-grade, platinum silicone
  • Just the right size for smaller cups
  • Soft, nontoxic, eco-friendly (because we only get one planet Earth!)
  • Won’t melt in your drink like a paper straw, won’t hurt your teeth like a stainless-steel straw
  • Dishwasher safe, boil to sterilize or wash by hand – no brushes or tools needed

You can find out more and buy them at

Looking for shoes for your little one?

pediped Originals shoes


Sizes: 0-24 months (US 3.5-6.5)
The soft, flexible soles of Originals are recommended by pediatricians and podiatrists because they allow children to closely mimic barefoot walking. Originals® are made of the highest quality leather on the market and they also feature a soft foam insert between leather layers. They’re so comfortable, your child will not want to take them off!


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Summer Skincare Essentials for Baby

As parents pack for vacation with the family, picking out skincare for baby might be on the list of things to do. After grabbing sunscreen and protective clothing, parents trust Baby Magic’s Washes and Lotions to gently cleanse and hydrate skin.

After a long day playing outside or at the beach, get baby ready for bed and feeling clean with Baby Magic’s Calming Baby Bath and Calming Baby Lotion. Packed with good-for-you ingredients such as lavender and chamomile, the hydrating formulas will help baby relax and get ready for bed.

Gently cleanse baby’s skin and leave them feeling nourished and refreshed after a fun day in the sun!

I’m excited to tell you about Rockin Blinks!

Good sleep is essential for a happy healthy childhood and life. Rockin’ Blinks helps to simplify your family’s sleep journey, by cutting through the clutter and offering a range of resources, tips and professional guidance. The team is obsessed with sleep because they know what it feels like to be up all night and how much better their families run when they are well-rested. They want that for you too.

Rockin’ Blinks is dedicated to providing valuable sleep information to help every family get the healthy sleep they need and deserve. Their site offers easy access to essential sleep information for every stage, from newborn through the teen years.

Rockin´ Blinks was born with the idea that any sleep product should include basic tips to help families understand sleep and implement routines that help their children sleep. Their exciting new line of beautifully crafted pima cotton sleepwear and bedding will launch in August 2022.

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Sunscreen for babies is a must!

Zoey’s Naturals Sunscreen

Zoey Naturals, is natural gentle and effective skin care for kids. Created by new parents and a loving grandpa with 30 years of natural skincare experience.  The line is hypo-allergenic, uses no harsh chemicals and is made in the U.S. I recommend sunscreen. It truly is a must for this Summer and actually any time of the year in Southern California!

I have featured many of their other products over the past years and am truly impressed with all of their products! You should check out their website for the whole collection!

Organic Urban Drool Bibs

Handle drooling with style! The Organic Urban Drool Bibs from KeaBabies are made to be worn from playtime to mealtime to help keep drool and messes to a minimum. The Organic Urban Drool Bibs cover your baby’s torso from neck to baby’s belly, keeping your little one’s clothes dry and fresh all day long!

Available in 5 modern style options, including Grayscale, Basics, Muted Pastel, Blush and Azure. Suitable for ages 0-24 months.

Summer isn’t over yet! Travel in style with your baby!

Petunia Pickle Bottom

The Petunia Pickle Bottom Axis Backpack is a versatile, spacious bag that features a front zippered pocket, cushioned straps and separated top and bottom compartments.  It’s perfect for family travel because the insulated bottom section stores snacks and keeps them cool! I think this literally is one of the coolest things ever!

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this featured post. Images and information were also provided. I only feature items that I recommend very highly. *Baby Round-Up features are every season.

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