Stinky Fumes King of the Wild


Stinky Fumes King of the Wild is a delightful book for children with a very special message! The message is an important one for everyone (including adults) to learn. It teaches that being different is more than just okay and that being different should be appreciated and accepted. Stinky Fumes seems like a silly name at first, but when you read the story, you find that it is really the best name for this special and different skunk. I also loved that this special skunk has adopted brothers that are also different because they aren’t skunks…they are rabbits. It is a wonderful story for younger kids and is also a good story-time book for older children and their parents. I highly recommend it as a Must-Have for children of all ages! You can find it on Amazon. The Kindle version is available for $2.99. It is also available in print.

Self Disclosure: I received a Free Kindle version of this book but my opinions are completely truthful.


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