Stewart® Pro-Treat® Freeze Dried Liver Treats for Dogs for a Must-Buy!


My dog has a favorite new Treat!

We received Stewart Pro-Treat Freeze Dried Liver Treats and my dog loves them! I like that they are made with only one ingredient…liver. So, they would also be great for dogs with allergies. They also seem really fresh. This was something I was worried about since it was shipped. But, they are very fresh! My favorite thing about them is there are no added  additives or preservatives.


More information:

Stewart® Pro-Treat® Freeze Dried Liver Treats are made in the USA without additives or preservatives in a USDA inspection facility. Pro-Treat® Freeze Dried Liver maintains the aroma, full-flavor and nutritional value of 100% raw liver. Available in seven varieties:

Beef Liver
100% Pure Beef Liver

Pork Liver
100% Pure Pork Liver

Chicken Liver
100% Pure Chicken Liver

Lamb Liver
100% Pure Lamb Liver

Duck Liver
100% Pure Duck Liver

Bison Liver
100% Pure Bison Liver

Turkey Liver
100% Pure Turkey Liver

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Self Disclosure: I received a free sample in exchange for an unbiased review. 

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