Stephanie Arnold – Medical Miracle Mom


With the growing popularity of ABC’s Resurrection, there is an obvious desire for hope that there is something else out there after we die. That production is scripted, but what happens when the script becomes real life?

Video: Stephanie Arnold Dies Delivering Baby and Returns to Life 37 Seconds Later

Stephanie clinically died for 37 seconds after giving birth to her son Jacob. She suffered an amniotic fluid embolism (AFE) in May 2013.  Something so rare, most doctors have only read about it in their textbooks. In Stephanie’s case, not only is surviving a rare occurrence, but surviving as well as she did only months after this event, has led doctors to call her a true medical miracle.

Months before giving birth to her second child, Stephanie had overwhelming premonitions of doom.  This sense of foreboding led her to speak with specialists and seek out anyone who would listen to her “knowing” she would die. It was her sensing something was wrong that prepared the entire medical team for what was about to happen.

In her “second life,” Stephanie has created her own website devoted to helping others – While in her “previous life,” she spent 27 years in the television industry, working in reality TV, local news, directing and producing music videos, infomercials, educational documentaries, syndicated and network shows (both in English & in Spanish). She is also an Emmy nominated Telly award winner and Premio lo Nuestro nominated producer.

Self Disclosure: No compensation received to post. Credit: Janice McCafferty PR.

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