Step Up: Help Your Robot Get Its Groove On With Free Ozogroove App

OzoGroove, the newest app from the makers of the world’s smallest programmable robot known as Ozobot, proves that robots can glide and dance with grace. Until now robots have been getting a bad rap for their mobility with humans taunting them with “The Robot” dance, well, no longer! Techies, kids and game enthusiasts can now download the free App from Google Play or the iTunes Store and cue their favorite music, then code their amazing buddy to perform a Waltz, do the Tango, or whatever you dream up!


For anyone not familiar with the hottest smart toy in augmented reality, Ozobot can be programmed for action in thousands of ways, making Ozobot quite the versatile game piece, strategy game and now a dance star.  Not sure where to start with Ozobot’s sweet new moves? OzoGroove comes with built-in demos, versatile dance tools and even a help desk. Simply download, cue your music and sequence a few moves. Over time users can master their skills and create uber cool moves within the app’s PRO editor option.  Finally something that will thrill emerging geeks, artists, grownup techies and luxury lovers! For only $99 for two or $49 for one, these brand new tiny robots pack a huge punch of play and educational value in one small price, and they’re small enough to stash in a purse or backpack (or pocket) for on-the-go fun.


Friends can even gather their Ozobots together to create a dance troupe and choreograph a routine! Online shoppers can find these tiny robots for holiday giving at,, and


You can also personalize your Ozobot using liquid glue and ordinary craft supplies with one of the “skins or helmets” that came with your Ozobot! This month, their website will sell a four-pack of skins so you can create different personas.

You may remember that we featured Ozobot earlier this Holiday season as a Holiday Gift suggestion! This toy is sure to be a hit!

Self Disclosure: No compensation was received to post. We have featured Ozobot in our Holiday gift suggestions and received a free product.


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