STACKED is the place to visit for delicious food!


Looking for a great place to go for lunch? STACKED is the place to go!

I recently had the opportunity to check this place out for lunch and I only have great things to say! The customer service is friendly, the food is delicious and this month they have two tasty pumpkin treats you do not want to miss!

What is really cool about STACKED is that you can place your order on an iPad! I know my son would love this so I plan to take him to lunch there soon!


You also can add and change things to the food items. I think that everyone would just love to order their food this way. I think that this is the most unique thing about STACKED but it isn’t the only thing. I had heard that the hamburgers are really good but I didn’t know that they have such creative Mac & Cheese dishes! Personally, I’m not a big Mac & Cheese lover but when I saw that they had Stacked Mac in Cajun Shrimp…well, I just had to try it!


This really is even better than it looks! I was impressed with how many shrimps were in the dish and it was so tasty! My Mother-in-law went to lunch with me and she tried a Stacked Mac with chicken…yum!


This month there are two pumpkin treats that you do NOT want to miss! They have a Pumpkin Cheesecake Milkshake and it is really good! I honestly think that they should have it all year but it is only there until the end of the month!


But, my ultimate favorite was the Pumpkin Bread Pudding! Oh my! I wish I knew how to make this one! You can also add whip cream, ice cream or a variety of other things! This is so good that it would be fine by itself but I added whip cream!


The Pumpkin Bread Pudding alone is a reason to go to STACKED! But, I have to say that the customer service is amazing too! Our Waitress Diana was the best!

To find out more about STACKED, visit their website!  I highly recommend visiting this month!

Happy November!





Self Disclosure: I received media comped meals to facilitate this post but no other compensation was received. Photo Credit: SoCal City Kids.

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