Springtime Must-Buys!

Hand Sanitizer that’s Safe for Kiddos from Zoey Naturals is a real must-buy! Experts advise handwashing with soap and water as an effective way to fight germs.  When a bathroom isn’t close by, Zoe Naturals Hand Sanitizer is! I love that no water is needed to use this and that it is effective and completely safe for young children! It is available in two fragrances: Island Hisbiscus and English Garden. I like that the one I tried (English Garden) was not too strong of a scent. They are also affordable (a 4 fl.oz. is $6.00) and you can find out more here.

Find them on Facebook too at facebook.com/zoeynaturals@zoeynaturals

I love these kid and eco-friendly polishes!

Piggy Paint – a line of safe, non-toxic nail polishes that put a rainbow of colors at kids’ fingertips without the harsh solvents and their dizzying fumes. Plus, it’s non-flammable, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, vegan, and proudly made in the U.S.A. The following are their Spring products:
Just in time for Easter, Piggy Paint had debuted their Funny Bunny gift set! With bright spring colors and fun nail art, this set is sure to delight children of all ages! This cute gift set contains 4 Piggy Paint 0.25 oz. polishes: Pinkie Promise, Dragon Tears, Tutu Cool & Sea-quin  – plus, Flower Nail Art. It retails for $19.99 and is only available on www.piggypaint.com
In addition, Piggy Paint has just launched their NEW individual scented polishes – the same trusted, non-toxic formula – but with extra fun! These water-based polishes have yummy scents that last long after the polish is dried. Smell the fun, not the chemicals! The 0.33 oz. individual scented polishes retail at $4.99 each and can be purchased in select Target stores and online. And, if you know a soon-o be mom…these are also safe
for use during pregnancy!

Soda Smarter With This Zero Sugar, Zero Calorie Option

Virgil’s, is an all-natural handcrafted soda brand, and are Zero Sugar Sodas. A much healthier option than sodas. I put this one through the test with my teenager and he really liked the taste!  Available in a variety of bold, yet classic flavors (think refreshing black cherry, orange, and root beer), Virgil’s has unlocked the secret to great taste with zero sugar using a proprietary blend of natural sweeteners. Even better, all Virgil’s sodas are all-natural and certified ketogenic with no chemicals or preservatives. Available in-stores and online at Target // $5.99

Keto Friendly Folios Cheese Wraps are Gluten Free, Lactose Free and Naturally Delicious! 

 For those who follow a lactose free, gluten free diet for health or dietary reasons – these cheese wraps have you covered. Folios Cheese Wraps are the first and only keto-approved lightly baked sheets of cheese that can be wrapped, stuffed, rolled, melted, crisped and baked to perfection.!  These wraps are extremely popular with keto, allergy-friendly and low-carb diets and for anyone looking for alternative to culinary wraps or as an interesting twist to an everyday recipe. They taste great!  These wraps come in three varieties, Jarlsberg, Parmesan, and Cheddar. They are the first and only wrap made of 100% natural cheese without starch, fillers or added sugar, and are naturally lactose and gluten free. So, if you are looking for an alternative to wraps, tortillas, chips (or many other high-carb foods), Folios Cheese Wraps has you covered. They are available in a 10-count pack at Costco for $8.99 and all other retailers nationwide in a 4-count pack with prices ranging from $3.99 to $5.99. Consumers nationwide can also now buy online at Supermarketitaly.com.

This hat is cool! It has a pocket!

This next one is quite handy when you are on the go and don’t want to take your wallet or purse with you! Introducing HANDY HATSHandy Hats are the patented hats with built-in pocket pouches to conceal your everyday essential items including: credit cards, cash, IDs, keys, and even lip balm! Now, how cool is that?! Not only are these caps handy for everyday life, but they are also handy for SOCIAL DISTANCING! The discreet, inside pocket can hold gloves, homemade bandanna masks, or even your car keys when you go out for your store essentials. Not to mention, these stylish hats are the perfect way to cover-up shaggy hair or outgrown roots!

Another really cool thing is that these were created by a young woman when she was a college student! She is 23 now! Check out the video below:

To learn more, please visit them on: Instagram: @handyhatsFacebook: @HandyHatsWebsite: myhandyhats.com

Did you know you can drink a Banana?

Banana Wave, the first non-dairy milk made from bananas was successfully formulated in 2015 as an alternative to dairy, nut, and rice milk.

This one is quite tasty! Find out more at https://bananawave.love/ and you can also find on Amazon.com.

Self Disclosure: I receive free samples to facilitate this post. Images were also provided.

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