Spring Cleaning: How enzyme-based cleaners work around the house

Do you have tough stains you need to get out of clothing and other fabrics in the house this Spring? Biz has you covered! It has more stain fighting ingredients than other cleaners. It is the only brand with Enzamix™, a unique blend of enzymes designed to quickly dissolve bacteria causing stains and odors from grass, sweat, blood and more.

I had tough stains to remove from a rug in our house, and Biz really cleaned it! You couldn’t see any remaining stain. What I really like is that it is non-toxic and is made with all-natural ingredients. What makes it different and effective is Enzymes. The Enzymes attack naturally and digest all kinds of biodegradable stains and odors. 

Many kids are playing sports now that there aren’t as many restrictions due to the pandemic and grass stains are a big thing but Biz really is great about getting out grass stains!

It is available in liquid or in powder. I actually prefer the liquid but the powder also really works great! It’s just a personal preference of mine to prefer liquid detergent!

You can find the Biz cleaners at stores such as Walmart and Amazon! It is easy to find the liquid Biz at Ralphs.

 I also like that it is not expensive either but it works better than more expensive brands I have tried.

Self Disclosure: I am participating in the Biz Ambassador program and received free samples/compensation to post. Photo Credit: SoCal City Kids.

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