Spring Baby Roundup

Spring means warmer weather so ergoPouch Short Sleeve one piece Pajamas are a must for babies! Mix and match the ergopouch TOG-rated pajamas, designed to be worn underneath any ergoPouch swaddles, sleeping bags, sleepsuits or sleep onesies. The pajamas are made from a deliciously soft, stretchy organic jersey cotton for comfort and warmth during sleep. The slim-fit designs prevents bunching underneath your child’s pouch, and the breathable, natural fibers help regulate body temperature and prevent overheating. For more information visit www.ergopouch.com

You can find them on social:

@ergopouch_usa is IG


Looking for some Spring time stylish shoes for your little one? pediped has you covered! These pediped® Originals® Gustan Brown are stylish and comfy! You can find them at www.pediped.com

And, don’t miss the Semi-annual sale that is going on right now!

You can find them on FB and instagram @pedipedfootwear

Looking for feeding products for your baby? goSili Silicone Baby Spoons are a must-try!

The GoSili Silicone Baby Spoon is the perfect feeding option for your growing baby and toddler. Made from 100% European-grade silicone, these spoons have a soft, textured design that gives added grip for young hands. This silicone spoon is gentle on little mouths, even soothing sore gums! Tip of the day – put your SiliSpoon in the freezer before using to help with soothing.

At GoSili, we love all things sustainable and environmentally friendly. That is why we made our SiliSpoons from 100% European-grade silicone. Why silicone? Silicone is safe for you and your family and does not contain harsh chemicals that can leach toxic materials into your food.

Silicone is also resistant to extreme temperatures, so there is no need to worry about melting, breaking, or warping. You can safely clean your SiliSpoon in the dishwasher, by hand, or boil to sterilize.

On behalf of our planet, thank you for making the choice to waste less, and GoSili.

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I love this next product because it is great for both Mom and baby!

Why Babies?

Loloma was created for the use of eczema, when our son was born, he had terrible eczema, we initially applied steroids, but we could not help but to think of all the detrimental effects of steroids and how it was affecting his tiny body. Being new parents, we were in unchartered territory however kept searching for answers on using natural and chemical free options that were effective. We tried many ointments and oils.

One of the oils we found which was very helpful was coconut oil which is also known as the tree of life, it has been used for generations for different uses including carrying antibacterial, anti-steph, antiviral and anti-microbial properties to help to sooth his skin.

We found traditional oils were very greasy and the smell was rather strong. In order to have a more pleasant experience with such an amazing naturally healing product, we set out to find ways to reduce the smell and alter the texture to be light weight and highly absorbent whilst retaining all its good healing properties.  

Over the years, we managed to design pioneering technology working diligently with engineers and chemists to attain just this. The process begins with the finest quality organic nuts which are hand picked by generational farmers. The process is a totally chemical free where flesh of the coconuts are run through centrifuge machines and filtered using pure Fijian artesian water to extract fresh virgin coconut oil. This is further filtered to reduce the smell to a light sweet scent plus a highly absorbent moisturizer giving you Loloma Love by Nature. It has no phthalates, parabens, dyes, or synthetic material.

Uses for babies:

Loloma can also be used for cradle cap, for massaging, for nourishing babies hair, as it is totally chemical free and if babies happen to put it in their mouths, it is safe and will not harm them.

Benefits for babies:

• Nourishes & Protects Skin and Hair

• Apply on Diaper Rash and Cradle Cap

• Soothes Eczema and irritated skin

• Brings on sleep with massage

• Daily skin love

Why Mamas?

Whilst we are giving so much to our little munchkins, mamas also deserve the love and care,  Loloma also has many uses and wonderful beauty benefits.  As moms we are always trying be more efficient and effective with our time, one of our customers uses it as a shower moisturizer, therefore not having to apply moisturizer afterwards, leaving your skin feeling velvety smooth, other uses, as make up removers, using a hot washcloth to remove daily make up from face and eyes, cracked heals, uses are endless.

Here are some beauty benefits:

 Face: anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and moisturizing. It is made up of mainly nourishing fatty acids, high in lauric acid, also contains vitamin E and heathy fats. It makes a great natural moisturiser.

 Body: high in antioxidants, helps to restore skins PH levels, making the skin feel velvety smooth and non- greasy

 Hair: Use as hair moisturiser, Women and men today are looking for more natural products, what better to use than Loloma – the natural answer,   so natural its edible!

Why is it unique:

–        Derived from a specific breed of coconuts –  Fijian Talls specific only to Fiji

–        The environment alone where the coconuts are sourced from are precious and pristine,  the air is crisp, clean see breezes flowing, beautiful sunshine from clear sky’s, these coconuts from 100 year old plantations are continuously breathing this breath of nature, highly nourishing to provide all the natural goodness to the land and its people.

–        Coconuts are sourced from remote islands which supports livelihoods for suppliers, farmers and communities.

–        Carefully designed pioneering technology to remove all impurities to reduce the smell to a light fragrance and light weight highly absorbent moisturiser.

–        The product is completely chemical free while other oils use a bleaching process to whiten their oil whereas Loloma is naturally clear.

Loloma website and social handles:

Website: www.lolomafiji.com

Instagram: @loloma_lovebynature

Facebook:  facebook.com/Loloma

Loloma is available for purchase on www.amazon.comwww.beautybridge.comwww.macys.com and www.lolomafiji.com.

This next product is a must for new Moms and Dads and would make a great baby shower gift! This one is from Moby. If you are looking for a great baby carrier this is the one to buy!

Cloud Ultra-light Hybrid

A lightweight flex-knit carrier featuring breathable power mesh fabric to keep babies (and parents) calm, cool, and comfortable. Featuring 2 carrying positions, it doesn’t have any bulky buckles and is easy to slip on and adjust for ultimate comfort. For babies 8-33lbs. Baby wearing encourages moms and dads to bond over special moments, shared discoveries, and within the day-to-day of being Close Enough to Kiss. MOBY is known for its innovative wraps, slings, and carriers that adapt with your lifestyle, and always offer comfort, safety, versatility, and effortless style. You can find it at Target!

Looking for ways to help baby and children sleep better?  Mom of 4, Tara Williams created Dreamland Baby. the only safe weighted wearable blanket (AKA sleep sack) on the market (starting at birth.  In December they launched a calming dream weighted blanket ($99) for kids that is designed to provide “deep touch pressure” and gives kids aged 3 to 8 (30+ lbs) the feeling of security and comfort to help them feel calm, fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer. There is also a great program that is good for the whole family!  Known by parents around the world for its safe, simple, and sustainable baby boxes, pip & grow today announced the next phase of its mission to provide families with safe, restful sleep with the release of its Mindful Method for Sleep program. Created by infant sleep, infant health, and health communication experts, pip & grow’s two data-driven courses are backed by science and use mindfulness to calm parents and caregivers, which in turn, reduces baby’s stress and improves sleep. Hosted by Liz Harden, MPH, pip & grow’s Mindful Method for Sleep program consists of two courses, Stellar Sleep 101 and Stellar Sleep 102. The first course sets your infant up for sleep success, providing valuable data-driven, educational insights for parents and caregivers. The second course provides parents with two options to mindfully teach your child to sleep independently based on yours and your baby’s unique needs. The Mindful Method for Sleep retails for $87 per course or $150 for the duo and is available direct-to-consumer through the company’s website at www.pipandgrow.com/sleep-courses.

Calming Baby Bath and Lotion

Baby Magic’s Calming Baby Bath and Lotion are infused with Lavender and Chamomile, making it the perfect way to whisk baby away into a sweet slumber. Cleanse baby’s delicate skin with the Calming Baby Bath that will help baby calm down before bed. Can be used as a bubble bath, hair and body wash. Hydrate and nourish skin after, with the Calming Baby Lotion! Baby Magic can be found at Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Amazon, and many other grocery and drug chains.

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this special featured post. Images were also provided.

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