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SANTA JAWS by Bridget Heos; illustrated by Galia Bernstein: Every year, Santa Jaws delivers presents to his fellow sharks, spreading cheer wherever he goes. Elfin sharks make toys, horn sharks trim the Christmas kelp, and cookiecutter sharks make sure Santa doesn’t go hungry. Get ready for a ride on Santa’s sled (pulled, of course, by hammerheads) in this joyful holiday tale!

FRIENDS ARE FRIENDS, FOREVER by Dane Liu; illustrated by Lynn Scurfield: A picture book based on the author’s own immigration story, the infinite impact of friendship, and passing on love and kindness around the world. This is a heartwarming read based on the author’s own immigration story that follows the bond between friends: On a snowy Lunar New Year’s Eve in Northeastern China, it’s Dandan’s last night with her best friend. The two have a favorite wintertime tradition, crafting paper-cut snowflakes, freezing them outside, and hanging them as ornaments. As they say goodbye, Yueyue presses red paper and a spool of thread into Dandan’s hands so that she can carry on their tradition. In her new home, Dandan has no one to enjoy the gift with—until a friend comes along.

50 State Gems and Minerals: A Guidebook for Aspiring Geologists  

  • Presents the mineral and gem treasures that are designated by each state, with suggestions for those not officially named yet
  • Young geologists will be inspired to dig deeper with this unique guide to the official US state gems and minerals, complete with photographs and maps
  • Includes a list of museums and parks where gems and minerals can be found, and a glossary of terms for easy reference.

You’re Strong, Smart, and You Got ThisDrawings, Affirmations, and Comfort to Help with Anxiety and Depression

It’s not easy to discuss mental health, even though it affects everyone. We want to believe we can handle anything that comes at us, but the reality is we all have good days and bad days. Because of this, it is important to check in with our mental health. Through guided illustrations, author Kate Allan opens the door to discussion about mental health in an approachable and unassuming manner.

Whether you deal with social anxiety, depression, or are simply going through a rough patch, Allan is here with her friendly animals to help. Negative thoughts can keep us from reaching our full potential, not to mention hold us back from attaining happiness. This book is a source of validation and encouragement for those moments when we need a reminder of our worth. The focus of this book is personal growth, both the reader’s and the author’s. Discover our amazing author on Mango!

Yoga to Support Immunity: Mind, Body, Breathing Guide to Whole Health 

An engaging, easy-to-follow guide, Yoga to Support Immunity is a clear, step-by-step yoga at home workout to help boost immune function and bring vitality to the mind and spirit. Author and yogi, Melanie Salvatore-August, returns to give in-depth instructions for specific yoga poses and teaches you how they can assist as immune system boosters.

With the threat of pandemics and the increasing rise of autoimmune disorders, Yoga to Support Immunity offers holistic, self-care driven support for optimal health. A practical guide that easily can be integrated into everyday life, you’ll learn how the mind, body, and spirit integrate to build a healthy immune system.Whether a newcomer to the practice of yoga or a long-time yogi, Salvatore-August encourages you to maintain a healthy lifestyle with practical exercises, daily guidance, and uplifting insights. Discover our amazing author on Mango!

Natural Remedies for Your Home & Health: DIY Essential Oils Recipes for Cleaning, Beauty, and Wellness

Natural Remedies for Your Home & Health is a guidebook for using essential oils to keep your household naturally healthy and clean. It includes simple homemade recipes for everyday purposes: skincare, haircare, cleaning, and medicine, with a few extra natural remedies along the way!

Revamp your entire home with natural, safer products. Natural Remedies for Your Home & Health contains a wealth of information about natural essential oils, what they are, how they work, and how to use them safely. In this book, find several simple recipes for clean beauty products, and even everyday cleaning products. All of these practical recipes can be used on a regular basis. Plus, discover natural health tips and learn how to make some swaps in the laundry room that will save you time and money. Discover our amazing author on Mango!

Acclaimed College Admissions Expert of Paranoid Parents Guide Gives Parents This Go-To Resource That Prepares Kids for a Brighter Future. The first comprehensive individualized career and academic planning guide available to parents and teens.

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