Spokester – Make Your Kid’s Bike Sound Like a Motorcycle!


Spokester is a fun toy to entice kids to play outside and a  turned safety device for Boeing!

Do you remember as a kid, riding your bike and pretending it was a motorcycle? Okay..maybe not. But, I did have brothers and I do remember them doing this and I have to admit, I had to try it and it was kind of cool.

Spokester is the perfect toy. It’s simple, inexpensive, and durable. It promotes exercise and cultivates imagination by continuing the timeless tradition that many kids have shared: pretending bikes are motorcycles. Boeing however is using it as a warning system to prevent accidents from happening when employees drive between hangars!

Spokester Bicycle Noisemakers is excited by this quirky usage of their toy, and have taken the opportunity to make a push for their Spokester online on Kickstarter.

I received a sample and had my younger nephew try it out and he loves it! It is basically an easy to snap on exhaust for your child’s bike.

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I like that it is super easy to install and my nephew loves that is actually sounds like a real motorcycle!

Check their kickstarter program out here.   But, hurry! It is wrapping up on Wednesday! So, pre-order on kickstarter today!

After Wednesday, you can still find them at http://spokester.com/

Self Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate this post. Photo Credit: Spokester.


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