Some fun gadgets for the whole family



There’s no use denying it – we’re living in a technological age. We’re spending more of our time engaging with technology which is vastly improving our lives and those of our children. Whether you’re planning a long journey and hoping to find something that will keep the children entertained or something for them (and you) to do your homework on, these fun gadgets will be of use to all members of the family:


Projectors like Phillips’ PicoPix Portable Projector


Whether you’re movie buffs who love nothing more than snuggling under a duvet on a rainy day together or want to enjoy looking through slide shows of family photographs, a projector would make a valuable addition to family life. They’re incredibly easy to use – usually connecting through a USB connection to your laptop and make transforming your home into a cinema a straightforward affair. They come in a range of prices, this Phillips’ one is only £169.99 – a midrange product, and because it’s portable it can easily be packed away to minimise the risk of being damaged. All you need to do is decide what you’d like to watch, find a blank wall and make the popcorn!


Tablets like Apple’s iPad


Tablets are incredibly versatile and can be used for pretty much everything, making them a valuable addition to the home. Through downloading educational apps they can help children with their homework or learning. Similarly, they can be used for entertainment if you want to watch some videos on there. Browsing the internet is incredibly straightforward too, making it easy to do the grocery shopping online or play games. Once the children go to bed, you can easily relax on the sofa and play some poker or blackjack by visiting The size and resolution of the iPad screen make playing games or watching films into an immersive experience, perfect for winding down in the evening.


eReaders like Amazon’s Kindle


When the children suddenly remember that they’re supposed to have read To Kill a Mockingbird by tomorrow morning or you want to bring a PDF document into work but can’t print it out, a kindle would be a lifesaver. They’re increasingly more affordable and available in a range of prices depending on what you need them for. The basic premise is that you can purchase an eBook online and have it on your kindle and be able to read it within moments. They come in especially handy if you’re travelling but don’t want to bring a range of books – simply download a range onto the kindle and you’ll have something for everyone without the bulk and weight of a travelling library!


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