SodaStream mocktail recipes for your baby shower!

IT’S BABY SHOWER SEASON! Here are few “MOCKTAIL” recipes from SodaStream to help celebrate! Courtesy of SodaStream!


Rock-a-bye baby, in mommy’s tummy
When the wind blows, the tummy will rock
When the mommy drinks a mock-tail, the baby will dance
And after the baby shower, sleep will come mommy, with presents and all

Pink Grapefruit Preggatini


SodaStream Diet Pink Grapefruit

Pomegranate Syrup or grenadade

Splash of lime


 The Storkie


SodaStream Cranberry Grape

Orange Juice

Splash of Lime




SodaStream Club Soda

Tangerine Juice

Splash of Lime


Cucumber “Mama” Mojito


SodaStream Mojito

1 cucumber, sliced



We received a SodaStream Source Starter Kit in Red (and samples) to try out for ourselves and it is a big hit with our family! My son likes the traditional sodas the best but I can’t quite decide what yet is my favorite! We are having so much fun with it this Summer! It’s definitely for anytime of the year! What I liked best is that there really is something for everyone! I don’t drink many sodas but you can also make Lemonade, Drinks just for Mom and Dad, Kool-Aid, Diet drinks and even can buy flavors to make flavored sparkling water! I am so impressed and I haven’t even tried all the flavors yet!

Check out their website for more info!

Self Disclosure: I received a Free SodaStream Source Starter Kit with lots of samples to facilitate this feature but any opinions expressed are honest and truthful. Photo Credit: SodaStream.

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