SOAR – Tropical Butterflies Returns to South Coast Botanic Garden

So many beautiful butterflies!

South Coast Botanic Garden’s most popular exhibit, SOAR –
Tropical Butterflies is returning this May for its third consecutive year. This is the first time the
Garden has brought back a recurring exhibit for three years, a testament to SOAR’s unique
immersive experience.
This year, not only will guests be surrounded by hundreds of tropical butterflies inside the
pavilion, but they have the opportunity to purchase a ticket that includes our new Butterfly
Feeding Experience.

When: Daily May 1 through August 31
Tickets: $6 for Members and up to $23 for non-members, which includes price of general
admission. The Butterfly Feeding Experience is an additional $6 for all. Those who purchase the Butterfly Feeding Experience for an additional $6 can choose from a flower vial or ring filled with nectar to use while inside the pavilion to help entice butterflies to come closer to them for the optimum and most immersive experience.
Species inside the pavilion include the fan-favorite blue morpho, owl butterflies, malachite,
rusty tipped page, gold rim swallowtail, ruby spotted swallowtail, giant swallowtail, orange tiger and more.
This year’s exhibit also includes a new beautiful photo opportunity and a chance for guests to help support the exhibit and our new Pollination Garden through our Wall of Wings.

● Wear bright colors, like your favorite flower, to attract the butterflies
● Not all of the butterflies will be flying at once, so look around for them
● Look underneath! Butterflies sleep hanging upside down from leaves.
● There will be feeders around the pavilion so butterflies can feed on their favorite
citrus fruits.
● The butterflies are less active in colder weather.
● Food or drinks are not allowed in the pavilion
● Strollers are not allowed in the pavilion
● No removing butterflies from the pavilion
● No touching the butterflies (if one lands on you, look but don’t touch!)

I had the opportunity to visit and it is amazing! I loved seeing all the colorful butterflies!

Self Disclosure: Information was provided. Photo Credit: SoCal City Kids.

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