Smart-EZE – New App Helps Children Retain Math, English, and Reading Skills Minutes a Day – Mastery for a Lifetime


Bright Ideas Press, publishers of Simple Solutions and Summer Solutions, announces the release of its app, Smart-EZE: Minutes A Day – Math, English, and Reading Comprehension Review, that contains enhanced, interactive, digital versions of their award winning Summer Solutions Workbooks.  Many studies indicate that without some form of academic engagement over the summer break, children forget much of what they learned during the previous school year. Smart-EZE provides the necessary review and practice that allows students to retain important math and language arts skills, not only over the summer break, but for a lifetime!

The first Smart-EZE lesson in each subject and grade level is FREE. Additional lessons are available for purchase. Smart-EZE for iOS or Android can be downloaded immediately.


  • Comprehensive lessons for Math, English Grammar, and Reading, grades 1- 5
  • Over 400 interactive questions per subject and grade level
  • Capability for parents to track their children’s progress
  • Student progress reports can be viewed by students and parents
  • Animated feedback as the student progresses through lessons
  • Supports all learning standards, including traditional as well as common core
  • Flexibility—each lesson can be used by up to 5 family members
  • Over 1,200 interactive questions for each grade
  • First lesson in any subject, any grade is FREE!

“Parents and teachers who are familiar with the Simple Solutions Approach have anticipated the arrival of a digital and interactive way for their children to use Summer Solutions,” says Nancy McGraw, President of Bright Ideas Press. “With the Smart-EZE app, there is now a fun way to build confidence and enthusiasm for math and reading and enable students to actually remember what they’ve learned over the previous school year.”


“We are very excited to partner with Bright Ideas Press to transform their Summer Solutions Workbooks into interactive apps,” says Nicole Lundeen, CEO of interactive media publisher FatRedCouch. “We believe in the power of technology to enhance the learning experience. The Smart-EZE app engages students in new ways so they can preserve more of what they have studied.”

Summer Solutions Workbooks were first published in January 2004, for math only. Since then, it has expanded to include Original and Common Core Math, Original and Common Core English Grammar, Reading Comprehension, Problem Solving, Study Skills, and Pre-K. Smart-EZE incorporates the most current versions of the Workbooks.

For congratulatory animations, tutorials, and other purposes in Smart-EZE, Bright Ideas Press licensed characters from FatRedCouch. The character Charlie the Chocolate Chihuahua, star of A New Home for Charlie the Chocolate Chihuahua storybook app, and many of the student cheerleaders from the U of Chew,which teaches children healthy food habits, appear in Smart-EZE.

About Bright Ideas Press

Bright Ideas Press—widely known as Simple Solutions—publishes more than 120 products, all uniquely designed to promote long-term retention.  The Simple Solutions Approach was created by former teacher and now company president, Nancy McGraw, whose mission is to instill confidence by offering students a foundation for success through permanent learning.  Bright Ideas Press is one of Northeast Ohio’s fastest growing companies. Its customers include schools and districts in 47 states, the District of Columbia, and the Bahamas.  To learn more, visit and/or

About FatRedCouch

FatRedCouch blends brands and technologies to create innovative entertainment, publishing, and educational experiences using digital platforms and physical goods – Digital + Durable. In 2014, the company launched several new products with a blend of classic brands like Puff, the Magic Dragon and new brands such as Charlie the Chocolate Chihuahua and the Magic Toy Maker. This year, FatRedCouch is slated to launch multiple cross-platform new titles, expanding content categories and audience reach through personalization, health, and lifestyle, while extending its Digital + Durable product line with interactive/connected merchandise, toys, and wearables. To see the complete library of FRC products, please visit

To learn more or download Smart-EZE, please visit


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