Skyfall 007

James Bond’s audiences span the generations, so it’s a little strange to be faced with him being considered “too old” to be out in the field as a secret agent. Yet it doesn’t seem to diminish the charm and attraction of the character. KIDS FIRST! youth film critic Victoria Burns reviews the film and thinks “this one is the best” – and this 14-year-old has seen all of the James Bond movies.

It’s actually the villain who comes in for Victoria’s greatest praise. Javier Bardem, she says, plays the villain so well, “it’s just like he is him. … I don’t know what he’s like outside that character, but I will forever remember him as Silva, that awesome villain – who should win an Oscar.”

The movie is directed by Sam Mendes, who did win an Oscar – as director of American Beauty, in 2000.

Skyfall 007

Reviewed by Victoria Burns

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