Singer Songwriter Diane Arkenstone Returns With New Interactive Children’s App


Acclaimed multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter and overall creative Diane Arkenstone can now add App Creator to her long list of titles as she returns to the public eye with a multi-lingual creative app for children (and adults), “Interactive Fairy Tales.”  Arkenstone has been inspired to create a wildly colorful app for children which incorporates a dynamic mix of interactive storytelling involving a mythical world filled with fantastical creatures and people populating a series of infectious limericks.  The vibrant illustrations were created by Aluna Verse and the music, a quirky mix of world music and soothing orchestral/ ambient vibes, was composed by Itom. While many will hear the limericks spoken in English, the app has also been adapted for use by native speakers of Mandarin (traditional and simplified versions), Japanese and Spanish. By tapping on one of several flags, a child can read and listen to each limerick spoken in any of the other languages.  “Interactive Fairy Tales” was via the Apple App Store for iPhones, iPads and Apple TV July 8th.  Download the app and click on a limerick and experience for free before purchasing for $2.99.

Developed in partnership alongside a long time Apple iOS developer with over 35 years of experience creating award winning kids apps, each limerick scene becomes an eyepopping, ear tingling, touch inviting universe all its own, with unique characters to engage and objects to explore. “Interactive Fairy Tales” is amongst one of the first children’s apps to be available on Apple TV offering up a free form navigable experience.  Children can explore and experience a wide range of creative options— more so than is typical of some children’s apps.

Says Arkenstone: “One thing about the app is that it’s very free form. You can do what you want and have fun with it, tapping and exploring different objects for new surprises. There’s no rhyme or reason, you just keep digging around to discover all kinds of hidden treasures.”   For more information visit:


I love that this app is interactive and has bright colors! It’s also multi-lingual–by tapping on one of several flags, a child can experience the app in Mandarin, Japanese and Spanish. Now, how cool is that?!

Also you can check out this video for more info:


Self Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and I received compensation to post. But, I highly recommend this app and only post apps that I approve of. Photos and info were also provided.


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