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Looking for  Home exercise therapy that you can easily follow at home? SimpleTherapy is created by a team of orthopedic surgeons that offers customized, in-home exercise therapy focused on joint aches and pains. Users can log on and engage in a therapy session designed specifically for their physical ailment. The group just launched 14 new, targeted exercise sessions for golfers, soccer players, swimmers, older adults and many more. We had the chance to check this out for a week and my husband says it is easy to follow because it is so helpful to actually see someone online doing the exercises. My husband actually goes to out-patient physical therapy because of his knee surgery and this service really  is a complement to traditional physical therapy.

The service  is an affordable complement to traditional physical therapy: three months equates to the average co-pay for a single in-person PT visit ($29.99)—often, folks can recover from joint pain in 6-12 weeks! There is also a free one week trial to try out the site.  For more information check out the website.

Self Disclosure: I received a free trial to review this website. 



  1. Hi Denise,
    Thanks for the review! We’re always excited to here that people have helped manage pain with our exercise videos. And we hope that your husband continues on his road to recovery.
    Terri – Client Care at SimpleTherapy

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