Simple Sheets are a Must-Have for College students!

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Do you have a son or daughter away at College? Simple Sheets would make a great gift!

College students only change their sheets 3x per year. You might think they’re just lazy, but in a dorm room, the bed’s height and position along a wall make changing the fitted sheet virtually impossible. Rather than enduring a strenuous balancing act to change their sheets, students sleep on filthy sheets for months on end. This is both gross and unhygienic, as dirty sheets are incubators for dust mites, bed bugs, and a host of allergy inducing particles.


Meet Simple Sheets – an innovative product that makes changing the bed a breeze. Simple Sheets feature a uniquely designed, two-piece fitted sheet, which includes a base fitted sheet and a Strip Sheet. The Strip Sheet is connected to the base fitted sheet by Velcro and is easily removed for washing. Each set also includes a convenient side pocket – perfect for storing a cell phone or remote at arms’ reach. Simple Sheets make changing the bed hassle-free, saving college students valuable time and giving their mothers peace of mind.

Now, how cool do these sound?! Pretty cool, if you ask me! I received samples and these really do make changing bed sheets so much easier! The convenient side pocket  is pretty ingenious too! I know a few family members who would love this!  A set includes: Base Fitted Sheet, Strip Sheet, Pillow Case, Flat Sheet and a Storage Pocket.  Size: Twin XL and Standard size fits a standard College Mattress 80″ x 36″ x 10″ and the sheets are available in white.  I also like that they are non-shrink, Hypoallergenic and wrinkle-free. The price is $59.99 for Basic: One of everything & $89.99 for Uber: Two of everything (except the base fitted-sheet).

What a great gift a set of Simple Sheets would make for a College student!

To find out more, and to purchase, check out the website.

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this feature. Photo Credit: Simple Sheets.

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