Shower time with Olay!

Ultra Moisture Body Wash    RefreshingNectarineCleansingBodyWash

Spending time out in the sun can leave your skin feeling dry but there’s a way to hydrate your skin! I received the Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash from our friends at Olay and I love this moisturizing body wash! The water-activated lather in leaves more moisturizers on your skin. It is also gentle on the my skin and really moisturizes! Goodbye dry skin!  If you are looking for a body wash with a little more fragrance, the Refreshing Nectarine Cleansing Body Wash is the answer! I love the way this one smells just like freshly picked nectarines! It also didn’t dry out my skin like soap does and it left my skin feeling hydrated. These are Mom-must-haves this summer! Can be found where Olay products are sold. For more information, check out the Olay website.

Self Disclosure: I received products to facilitate this feature.

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