Should You Worry If Your Dog Has Ticks?

Singapore is a developed island country in Southeast Asia, known for its world-class ports, the Marina Bay skyline, hawkers, theme parks, and all-year-round sun. Western tourists love the tropical climate because they can enjoy the sights without worrying about the rain, especially during the dry months. Locals can also walk their dogs or bring their cats, especially to Nex, which is the only retail shop that allows pets inside.

However, those who have pets know that they are vulnerable to ticks. They thrive in Singapore because of its high humidity and warm temperature. 

In Singapore, you will often find the brown dog tick. But you can also buy anti-tick or anti-flea products from an online pet shop in Singapore, which should resolve your problem easily.

What are ticks?

Ticks are parasites that attach to your dog through their mouth as well as the gluelike substance on their limbs and bodies. They will then feed on the blood throughout their lifespan. Most people would be surprised to know that the tick lives quite a long time. It can feed on the blood of your dog from three months or up to 24 months. Female ticks, meanwhile, use the blood as nutrients to lay their eggs, which means that the parasites will quickly multiply on the dog.

It is easy to know if your dog has ticks, and you only have to inspect every inch of its body. If your pet has a thick fur, you can typically find these parasites on the following spots:

  • Inside the ears
  • Neck
  • Armpit
  • Hind legs
  • Base of the tail
  • Spine
  • Between the toes
  • Eyelids

You should definitely worry if you find these parasites on your dog because they can also infect humans, especially if you have young kids in the house. For instance, ticks are known carriers of Lyme Disease, which can be fatal. The problem is you would not notice if the tick has bitten you until after when you notice some red marks surrounding the spot.

The dog will also suffer because of the infestation. Among the symptoms that your dog will manifest include:

  1. Fever or high temperature
  2. Anaemia
  3. Loss of appetite
  4. Weight loss
  5. Discolouration of the body, eyes, and ears
  6. Reddish or brownish urine

In some cases, the dog will experience arthritis and swelling of the joints due to the infection. And yes, it can kill your pet.

Treating Ticks

However, it is easy to resolve the problem, especially if it is still in the early stages. The vet will have some medication that will control the infestation. You can also remove some of the ticks using tweezers. Just make sure that you do not squeeze it between your fingers because the blood can be infected.

Instead, you can dump the ticks on a container with rubbing alcohol.

Also, you can order products from an online pet shop in Singapore that should get rid of your tick problem.

Here are just some of the examples of proven products that prevent and control ticks:

  • Manuka Washbar soap
  • Richard’s Natural Flea Spray
  • Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Treatment
  • Revolution Flea and Tick Treatment
  • Insect Shield
  • TropiClean Natural Shampoo

The best part is that you can use any of these as a home remedy and you do not have to spend money on the vet. But as a caveat, only if the tick infestation is in its early stages. Your dog might need to be injected with antibiotics, especially if the ticks have multiplied exponentially.

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