Shark Baby


Where do I belong in this great big ocean? “Who am I” wonders Shark Baby. When his “mermaid’s purse” egg case is torn loose in a storm, he finds himself on a journey through different ocean habitats: kelp forests, coral reefs, and seagrass meadows. He learns what kind of shark he isn’t, but not what kind he is. He needs to find the “mermaid” to learn where he belongs, but the ocean is big and full of dangers. Will he find out who he is-and what can he do-in time? My son and I received this book from our friends at Sylvan Dell Publishing and enjoyed finding out just what type of shark the Shark Baby is. This is best for ages 4-8 but really is great to read with younger and slightly older children too. My favorite part is the For Creative Minds which can be found at the end of all Sylvan Dell books. Parents and Teachers will love this educational section with fun activities.  To find this one and so many great books, visit their website.

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