Serenading Your Valentine in 6 Easy Tips!!


Want to take a risk and go all out romantic for your Valentine? Why not Serenade them?  While some may feel it’s a very risky move, it’s also hugely romantic when done right. Ariella Vaccarino, creator of Voice Lessons To Go™, has put together tips for seranading your Valentine…the old fashioned way.

Here are 6 tips for pulling off a great serenade:


1. Be sincere- Don’t make a joke out of your serenade. Give it 110%. That way your Valentine doesn’t have to feel insecure about getting all googly and melty in response to it. If you think it’s a joke, it won’t be romantic and come off insincere. Sing from your heart and be honest with your emotions.


2. Pick a great song– Whether you write the song or sing someone elses tune, make sure your song choice fits with your voice and is appropriate with the Valentine’s Day theme. Feel free to personalize a song that is all ready written by adding your Valentine’s name or any other bits of info he/she will like.


3. Pick a great location– If your Valentine is the shy type, don’t bring out the ukulele in front of all her/his friends- keep the performance private so that he/she can relish the moment without feeling self conscience.  On the other hand, if she/he is really comfortable in public, see if you can get hold of a microphone at a big event you are taking him/her to…and sing away!


4. Organize your accompaniment– Whether it is to be sung acapella (without music accompaniment), with a banjo, or a chamber orchestra, figure it out. Maybe you know someone who can play for you while you sing if you can’t pick up a guitar yourself. If not, you can always sing to a karaoke cd.


5. Memorize the piece– You should spend your time looking into your Valentine’s eyes, not glued to notes or lyrics on a piece of paper. You don’t want to miss their reaction.


… And finally as always...


6. Make sure you warm-up your voice beforehand so that you can give the best possible performance. You’ll only get one shot to melt his/her heart with your song. Make sure you are singing with a clear tone and not warming up and clearing your voice throughout your performance, be ready!


Want to find out how your serenading is sounding before you sing to your Valentine? Sign up for Your Vocal Assessment  on Just upload a link to or mp3 of your voice with your questions, and Ariella will get right back to you with her feedback.

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Credit: Ariella Vaccarino, creator of Voice Lessons To Go™.

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