SEA SLIME: It’s Eeuwy, Gooey and Under The Sea


In the ocean snails use slime and jellyfish are made of goo. But did you know that coral and clownfish use slime too? Marine scientist, Dr. Ellen Prager brings readers deep into the ocean to learn about fascinating and bizarre animals that use mucus (aka slime) to capture food, protect themselves from harm, or travel within the underwater world. This nonfiction, educational book is great for grades K-3. It’s a fun book to read and it teaches real Science! the Creative Minds section is also fun and educational with activities such as: Slimy Animals True or false?, Why Slime, and Make Your Own Slime-It’s Fun and It’s Messy. Your kids will want to make slime as soon as they finish reading this book! You can find this book and many other wonderful books at Arbordale Publishing, formerly known as Sylvan dell Publishing.

Self Disclosure: I received this book for free to facilitate this feature.


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