Soon the world at large will know what Toronto families already know from years of sold-out performances:  Rock’n’Rainbowled by Parents’ Choice® Award winning musician and music educator Mike Whitla — is the most energetic, glitter-saturated band for kids to hit the stage since the ’70s.  The time has come forRock’n’Rainbow to share its music internationally with the release of the band’s debut album, Let’s Boogie!

While the Rock’n’Rainbow band recording is a new project for Mike Whitla, it stands on the shoulders of his award-winning body of work in children’s music, which includes six previous albums honored byParents’ Choice®, NAPPA and more, and produced by his company,Rainbow Songs.

Masterfully produced by GRAMMY® nominated veteran children’s producer Tor Hyams, Let’s Boogie! is a dazzling “call to action” — a family dance party of high energy tunes with catchy lyrics and funk-rock rhythms that celebrate Rock’n’Rainbow’s favorite forms of exercise:  biking, heading out on scooters, and boogying-on-down with glam kindie style.

Says Mike Whitla, “We’ve all seen technology overtaking our day-to-day lives, and, as a longtime music educator and a dad, I felt a need to respond to this.  Let’s Boogie! is designed to encourage healthy habits, active lifestyles, and lots of personal interaction within our family groups, while also having a barrel of fun.  From the energetic rhythms of the album’s title track to the exuberantly adventurous ‘I Like To Ride My Bike’ to our updates on activities like the classic tag game ‘The Freeze’ and ‘The Hokey Pokey,’ we want to suggest that everyone put down their phones and dance together!”

Recorded at Toronto’s legendary Canterbury Music Company, utilizing an array of the studio’s classic vintage mics and state of the art equipment, and engineered by Jeremy Darby, who has worked with the likes of David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Lou Reed, Mick Jagger, Tony Bennett, Ella Fitzgerald, and many other notables, Let’s Boogie! shines with outstanding sonic quality, first-rate musicianship, and wonderfully imaginative layers of detail.

We received a copy of the CD and it will definitely make younger children want to get up an dance! Check out the video below!

Let’s Boogie! will be available at the Rainbow Songs website online store and at, iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon.

Self Disclosure: I received a free CD to facilitate this feature.

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