Ripple Safety gadget is a Must-Have this Summer!

Looking for a way to feel safer when you are out and about this summer? Introducing Ripple! Maybe you haven’t heard of it yet? Ripple: is a safety device that is as small as a dime, looks like a tiny fashion accessory, and if you click it, any kind of help you desire is on the way, immediately. This truly is a must-have!

I like that this is a way to feel safer and it’s so little that it’s not even noticeable! Different combinations of their buttons and professional monitoring packages are available on their website (starting at $19.99), via Amazon Prime ($19.99 plus a free month trial of pro monitoring), and on HSN ($129.99 for a Ripple Button and one year of pro monitoring).

Ripple is not a panic button or a safety app: it is a personal safety service that sits on the tiny device—if you click it, the device will know where you are and what kind of help you need:

  • low level help: like a coworker, classmate, parent or friend to call and/or come to collect you immediately from where you are (1 click) or; 
  • high level help: like police, fire and paramedic assistance (3 clicks)


Self Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate this post. Images/Videos were also provided. 


  1. How cool! This would be great for kids.

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