Rip the Page! Leap Write In! Adventures in Creative Writing

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As a homeschool Mom and a writer, I am always looking for fun ways to be creative in my writing and also to teach my 9 year-old son. While searching the web, I found a website called Roost and discovered these two books. Rip the Page! is fun and fits the definition of the word creative! This is an awesome resource for both children and adults and especially great for teachers and homeschoolers. What I really like about the book is that you can decide what you want to use and as the Author explains in the beginning of the book, you can use the book “your way and that there’s no wrong or right way to write creatively.” My son and I loved the word lists and that yes, you really can rip some of the pages!

Leap Write In! is a wonderful book and resource and is perfect for tweens and teens. It is a book that encourages older children to write and be creative without any pressure. I liked the Suddenly A Story found in the book because it provides suggestions to really explore feelings such as fear, anxiety and happiness. This book is a wonderful companion to the Rip the Page! book. My son adds,” It’s actually fun to create poems, stories and even real-life on-the-spot sketches!” I like how it is an easy and fun resource for creative writing.  All you need is imagination and “Leap Write In!”  Both books can be found at Roost books and retail for $14.95.

Self Disclosure: I received both books for free to facilitate this feature.






  1. Anne Taylor says

    I have found that both of these books are great for all ages. A writer friend reported that Rip the Page really helped her get going again on a stalled project.

  2. I will look into this. Thank you!

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