Ring in Spring with MAM: Share your Baby’s Breastfeeding Style with MAM and win BIG!

MAM is celebrating breastfeeding and the triumphs and challenges that come along with it. MAM is inviting moms to share their breastfeeding experiences and baby’s different nursing styles to win big.

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb! MAM is celebrating Spring’s arrival by discounting 25% off all MAM pacifiers featuring lions and/or lambs until 3/31. Shop here: http://www.shopmambaby.com

 MAM also has a great contest going on for the month of March as well:

 Which of the below styles best represents your baby’s breastfeeding style?

The Barracuda: Feeds rapidly with laser-like focus. Gulps like it is his/her first-ever meal. The Billy Goat: Sometimes head-butts you in the face/chest with no warning. You always have to be on your toes with the billy goat. The Black Belt: Favorite pastimes include karate chopping you in the breasts and kicking you in the face. The Dine + Dasher: After eating a bit it’s off to the races for the dine and dasher. On the bright side, you get a nice workout constantly chasing after him/her to continue their meal! The Dentist: Probes your mouth while feeding, often scratching your tongue and scraping your teeth as if performing a professional cleaning. The Gymnast: Likes to switch between various acrobatic positions while feeding, treating your body like a balance beam. The Kitten: Paws at your body while feeding, batting at your eyes and ears like a kitten would yarn. The Lion Cub: Prefers to eat in the ‘pounce’ position, laying on top of you. The Milk Drunk: Often unable to keep their eyes open, the milk drunk is notorious for falling asleep mid-feed. The Nibbler: Teething bites.. so your baby bites you. The Sloth: In it for the long haul, the sloth likes to hang off of you and feed at his/her leisure. The Space Cadet: Everything distracts the space cadet from feeding – ooh, a dust bunny!

Which unique breastfeeding style best describes your little one? Share with MAM and they’ll select three lucky winners to receive a $100 prepaid card and a $50 gift pack of MAM Anti-Colic bottles for yourself or a friend!  Learn more and enter here: http://www.facebook.com/mambabyusa

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 We have also teamed up for a Giveaway! One winner will win a $30 giveaway prize package of assorted MAM items. To enter, leave a comment below! Deadline to enter is March 20th, 2018 at noon PST. One winner will randomly be selected by SoCal City Kids. 

Self Disclosure: No compensation was received. Information and images were provided. 


  1. Deadline has been extended to 3/23/18

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