Real Estate Listing Tips to Get Your Property Noticed

Selling a real estate property is a challenge, especially if your target buyers do not notice your listing. It can frustrate you, but despite the setbacks, you should try to stay optimistic and wait until you finally close the deal.

With so many homes and properties listed on the market, how to make sure your listing is still on top of the game? Here are some of the proven and simple real estate listing tips to get your listing noticed and close a deal as soon as possible.

Use email and social media marketing

Though it may sound formal, email is still a great medium to pitch your listing upfront to a potential client. Make sure to have a catchy subject before dropping that listing in their inboxes. Moreover, embedding photos can be helpful, so make sure to include some. Additionally, make sure to have an active social media presence by sharing meaningful posts and, of course, your listing. Grow your audience and connect to people who share the same interest as yours.

Secure awesome photos

A listing is not complete without images. Realtors always emphasize why attractive pictures are needed in listings, and undoubtedly, it indeed added leverage on the listings. For one, images are captivating. Having compelling visuals in a listing makes buyers more curious about the property.   As much as possible, it is recommended to seek help from a photo editing company rather than grabbing your phone to get photos. One pro-tip when it comes to real estate photography is to have stunning images done by professionals.

Boost your SEO ranking

Using search engine optimization (SEO) is one powerful tool to get your listing noticed online. First, you need to learn its basics or get help from a professional SEO expert to boost your rank. This is usually done by doing thorough keyword research and incorporating effective SEO strategies.

Tap your connections

If you are a realtor with a vast and reliable network of peers, families, and acquaintances, it is best to take advantage of this by introducing your listing. The real estate market is diverse, and everyone can become a potential customer. Through the word-of-mouth strategy, your network can also tell others about your listing. This widens your reach and diversifies your target market.

Host a virtual house tour

Before the pandemic, doing an open house tour is quite common. However, it cannot be done anymore now with the current situation. That is why hosting a virtual house tour is a good alternative. Doing this gives interested clients the chance to tour the property and discover its amenities.

Talk to past clients

Building rapport is one aspect that every agent needs to develop. You will not know in advance if your previous clients will buy a property again, but with strong rapport, you can connect with them once again to pitch the property for sale.

Do cold calling

Perhaps, the difficult part of making sales is cold calling. It is not easy to call prospective clients and pitch a deal, especially because you do not know them personally. However, doing this can add plus points to your listing’s noticeability.

Offer competitive pricing

Price is a significant factor when it comes to selling a property. A small difference in your price vs. the competitor can affect your chance to close the deal. That is why you need to offer a fair, competitive, and negotiable price. This gives you an advantage over others.

Persevere as always

Selling is always a challenge. So, if you still cannot close a deal, do not lose hope. You need to preserve and remain optimistic. Even if it seems impossible, having faith and hard work paired with perseverance make a secure connection. You may be unlucky today, but tomorrow’s will still be your day.

There are nine useful tips above that if followed well, will surely yield a secure deal for your property. We hope that this can help you to sell your property the soonest.


  1. I like how this post shared that it is important to have professional photographer to take pictures of our home. It is important as it makes our property more appealing. I will keep this tip in mind when I want to sell my house.

  2. Thanks for posting this great read!

    This reminds me of when I first started as a newby in the real estate photography business. We have been running now as a successful company in Brisbane Australia for the past 4 years and we have learnt alot in those years.

    My advice, building off of yours is:

    1. Keep good connections with people who will get you places. Those who are hustling to make things work are those you need to develop a good relationship with through meetings, conversations, and seeing what you can do to help them in their goals.

    2. SEO is important, but always remember to be genuine with people and not use any techniques which would cause an issue for your websites and link building profiles such as blackhat techniques.

    Thanks for your article again,


    Jordan from Photographybne

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