Ravensburger Has the Right ‘Formula’ for Fun and Learning with All-New Science X® Collection

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Science, fun and learning collide with Ravensburger’s debut collection of Science X® activity kits!  The toymaker that’s celebrated around the world for its high-quality, beautifully-designed puzzles, games and playthings this year introduces a sci-sational assortment of hands-on biology, chemistry and physics sets, designed to draw out kids’ natural curiosity and encourage countless hours of exploration and discovery.

Ravensburger’s first ever science-based collection includes ten kits in three different sizes and price points: four “minis” (SRP $13.99 each), four “midis” (SRP $34.99 each) and two “maxis” (SRP $44.99 each).  All of the sets feature richly-illustrated manuals and easy-to-do, success-based projects that encourage kids to become active scientific explorers.


The Science X maxi kit assortment, designed for children ages 10+, includes:


  • Electronics and Circuitry – Aspiring electrical engineers can delve into eight different science activities to produce real working gadgets such as an alarm to protect their things, a loudspeaker for their music, reading lamp and flashlight.  The kit also lets kids create and send Morse Code messages.  Contents include an array of equipment such as resistors, transistors, LEDs, loudspeaker, battery terminal, printed circuit boards and more.

We received the Electronics and Circuitry to try out for ourselves and this one is, as my son(age 10) says “so cool!”He really liked being able to create Morse Code messages! If you have a child that loves gadgets, putting things together and science this is a must-have this holiday season!


  • Crystals & Gemstones – Future gemologists can perform 20 different activities such as growing druse crystals (calcium oxalate) and checking the composition of real gemstones.  The kit includes five different crystal salts and real gemstones to introduce kids to this shimmering world of science.  Also included are a magnifying glass and various chemicals and accessories for conducting the experiments.

Ravensburger’s midi Science X offerings include:


  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigations – Sleuths in training can dive into a dozen different science activities with this kit that lets them identify fingerprints, analyze evidence and isolate DNA!  The package includes: tips to help young investigators learn how to use scientific methods to examine clues along with a magnifying glass, safety glasses, fingerprinting cards and crime scene cards, among other items.  Ages 8+



  • Nature’s Energy – With 25 different activities to facilitate learning about the origins of wind power, solar energy and more, this kit puts the whole world into the hands of kids to explore.  Experiments help them discover wind power, utilize hydropower and create a wind-powered plant.  The kit’s contents include a sail-car chassis panel, solar disc, sundial, water cycle model and hand-heated wind wheel.  Ages 10+


  • Simulating Nature – This activity set contains everything young scientists need to accomplish 15 activities that zero-in on bionics and how technologies are designed to resemble the process animals and plants use to solve problems.  Explorers can construct a stable bridge, create the Lotus Effect and discover analogies.  The set comes equipped with: simulation cards, nasturtium seeds, model components and more.  Ages 8+


  • Exploring Careers – Children can be anything they wish – and this kit contains all the elements they need to conduct 15 activities that immerse them in possible future careers.  They can study aerodynamics in their quest to be a pilot, discover the solar system like an astronaut and build a bridge like an engineer.  Contents include: a cardboard solar system mobile, water wheel, camera obscura case, heart rate chart and more.  Ages 8+


Science X mini kits open the door for kids to engage in six different activities each in four different areas of study.  They are:


  • 3D Optics – Kids can discover the secrets of the third dimension and find out how 3D optics really work.  They’ll learn how to use 3D glasses and make a stereoscope that turns two flat images into a 3D object.  Among the included materials are: 3D glasses, magnifying lenses and stereoscope.  Ages 8+


  • Secret Codes – Tween secret agents will learn the basics of cryptology by deciphering hidden codes, mirror writing and secret messages with this “top secret” kit.  Contents include: knot holder, decoding discs, code templates and more.  Ages 8+


  • Crystal Magic – Becoming a mineralogist was never so much fun!  With this incredible kit, mineralogy comes to life via a host of mineral- and crystal-growing experiments.  Equipment includes: safety glasses, wooden spatula and potassium aluminum sulfate.  Ages 10+


  • Magnetic Magic – Floating paper clips, the inner workings of a compass and other fascinating aspects of the invisible force will “attract” explorers to this “powerful” set.  Contents include: ring and bar magnets, compass and galaxy maps and more.  Ages 8+


About Ravensburger

Newton, NH-based Ravensburger is the U.S. subsidiary of Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbH, a German toy and game manufacturer with a 130-year history of tradition.  Founded in Ravensburg, Germany in 1883, Ravensburger is a leading producer of toys loved the world over and celebrated for its meticulous commitment to detail, high production standards and superior quality control.  In addition to Ravensburger-branded puzzles, games and arts & crafts sets, the company is the exclusive distributor of WOW preschool toys and holds licenses for such well-known brands as Chuggington, Thomas and Friends, Tinga Tinga Tales, The Hobbit, Moshi Monsters and more.

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Self Disclosure: I received a free product to facilitate this feature but any opinions expressed are my own.





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    I would give this to my science crazy eight year old. He would love it!

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