Ranger, Aug. 4th Pet of the Week

Awwww! So beautiful!

You probably know lots of people who are extremely smart and motivated by food, but will they sit, lie down, and shake on command? Maybe, but they won’t look as impressive as Ranger does! Ranger is his own dog—he’s independent and isn’t a cuddle bunny, but once he knows you, he’ll watch you intently and wait for direction. He’s everyone’s image of a loyal, job-oriented dog. Ranger, sadly, needs out right away—by Aug. 11, or he may not make it out of the shelter in the best way. He’s only 2 years old and deserves a life. You can speed the process to adopt or foster Ranger and any of our other pets by emailing PetAdopt@longbeach.gov or petfoster@longbeach.gov. You can also call (562) 570-4925. Even better, stop by during our walk-in hours every Wednesday through Sunday from 11 a.m.–3 p.m. Our shelter is located at 7700 E. Spring St. Ask for ID#A695739 to meet Ranger. We’re at capacity, everyone needs homes, and Ranger needs to get out in the best way possible!

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