Ralphs and Food 4 Less Celebrate National Banana Day

To celebrate National Banana Day April 21, Ralphs and Food 4 Less will give away one hundred cases – or 10,000 bananas – to Feeding San Diego, plus offer tips and recipes about America’s most popular fruit.    

“We are driven by our ‘food first’ mission that no matter who you are, where you’re from, how you shop or what you like to eat, everyone deserves to have fresh, affordable, and easy-to-enjoy food,” said Vanessa Rosales, director, corporate affairs, Food 4 Less. “Bananas are the epitome of an easy to enjoy, nutritious and versatile snack and we’re thrilled to provide these to Feeding San Diego as part of our commitment to giving back to our communities through our Zero Hunger Zero Waste efforts.”

Food 4 Less produce merchandiser, Jose De Leon, shares these tips to keep bananas fresh:

·       Buying yellow-to-green colored bananas is a great way to extend bananas’ shelf life

·       Keep them at room temperature and separate from other product, instead of in the refrigerator 

·       Wrap the banana stems in plastic wrap to slow down ripening.

·       Avoid overhandling to prevent bruising.

·       Once bananas are completely ripened, pop them in the fridge.

·       For longer periods of time and preserving, freeze individually peeled bananas.

For nearly 500 recipe ideas using bananas, click here.

Credit: Ralph’s and Food 4 Less. Image was also provided.

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