R.M. Palmer Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

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What is Valentine’s Day without Chocolate candy?

It wouldn’t be a very sweet one, I suppose! One of my favorites is the candy for R.M. Palmer!  They have such delicious candy like the ones you see pictured above!

We have teamed up for a Valentine’s Day Giveaway! One winner will win a surprise Valentine’s Day candy package! To enter, leave a comment below telling us what you will be doing on Valentine’s Day! You can also tell us what would be your favorite gift! Deadline to enter is February 13th and winner will be notified on Valentine’s Day! Now, how sweet is that?!

More info about the Valentine’s Day Candy!

R.M. Palmer Company Is Making Valentine’s Day Fun with New Confections!


Valentine’s 2017, Reading, PA – R.M. Palmer Company announces the launch of delicious new Valentine’s candy that will bring smiles and add fun to the holiday. A sampling of R.M. Palmer’s new Valentine’s Day treats includes:


“You’re Jawsome” Shark:  Enjoy a big shark bite with R.M. Palmer’s NEW 5 oz.”You’re Jawsome” Shark. Milk chocolate with Crisp Rice in the shape of an adorable, smiling shark, this tasty Valentine treat is the perfect way to tell that special someone “I’m hooked”. Its package looks like the shark is swimming with its chocolate fin protruding above. (SRP – $3.00)


Smoochies Cards:  Offering humorous animal images, each with delicious chocolate flavored lips in bright red foil, NEW 1 oz. Smoochies include a dog, frog or giraffe character, and funny Valentine’s Day sayings. (SRP – $1.00)


Snap & Share Heart: R.M. Palmer’s NEW 2.5 oz. Snap & Share Heart is a delicious Double Crisp® treat that breaks apart into great sharable pieces. (SRP – $1.00)


Love Xpressions: NEW Love Xpressions are milk chocolate flavored balls with smooth, creamy centers. They are wrapped in yellow foils, each with a fun emoticon face that lets consumers share how they feel without needing to text. They are available in a 3.3 oz. mesh bag (SRP $1.00) or 15 oz laydown bag (SRP $3.00).


Self Disclosure: No compensation or samples were received to post. SoCal City Kids will select the winner and R.M. Palmer will send out the prize package. Look for them on Facebook too! *U.S. Residents only please. Prize will be sent out after Valentine’s Day.


  1. Going to be teaching fun lessons that day! Work day for me.

  2. Deb Moretti says

    Teaching my fourth graders😀❤️

  3. Dinner and a movie!

  4. Going to make dinner together and have a nice evening just the two of us

  5. I will be working that day…hopefully I’ll get some chocolates and roses

  6. We will be seeking Girl Scout Cookies at Sam’s club in Gardena. 🙂

  7. Alejandra Bedoy says

    I will be making lots of valentines for pre-k kids and delivering them to my daughters class. After maybe have a nice dinner out with my hubby and my daughter.

  8. Katherine Oliveira says

    We are having a fun pancake breakfast, then I will make some cupcakes for my daughter for when she gets home from school. My husband is going to make a nice dinner for us 🙂

  9. Annmarie W. says

    We don’t usually make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day. But my hubby usually brings roses home, and I make a ‘red’ dinner…something like spaghetti with red sauce! We usually get some sort of heart candy for the kids.

  10. We’ll be having a Valentine’s Day party with the kids from our neighborhood.

  11. This Valentine’s Day I will be enjoying a romantic dinner with my hubby at our fave restaurant after calling our children and expressing our love for them!

  12. Taking care of my boyfriend after medical procedure.

  13. Renee Rousseau says

    My Bae is taking me out to dinner for Lobster! No dishes!!!!!

  14. I will be working , but I hope my man gets me a little something, he hasnt in the last 5 years! tulips would be lovely!

  15. Brian Casson says

    Working and eating chocolate mmmm…

  16. Harmony Rowley says

    We will be kayak fishing for Valentines day!! We both love it so its a win win! And it doesnt cost us money lol

  17. Danielle Bell says

    I will be attending it with my kids and husband at home, going to make a nice meal and desserts

  18. Marie Kozzloski says

    I will be spending my Valentine’s with my favorite little guy, my grandson. Hopefully going to the movies then out to McDs!

  19. christie lopanec says

    Its my hubbys bday so we will as usual cater to his every whim,lol

  20. Barbara Mayes says

    going out to eat with my husband of 18 years! we are also celebrating our anniversary next month!

  21. Barbara Mayes says

    going out to eat with my husband of 18 years! we are also celebrating our anniversary next month!

  22. Ill most likely be watching a movie by nyself as my love never remembers vday until its almost over for the year

  23. daniella solorzano says

    I have no valentine’s plans…

  24. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    I will be at a fitness camp in beautiful WA on Valentine’s Day. I love chocolate–any and every day of the year (Valentine’s or not)

  25. Rhiannon Rowland says

    Well, I’m a single. So, I will most likely be at home, doing what I usually do. Maybe I will call a friend and go out to dinner.

  26. Lisa Spellerberg says

    Working and watching other people get flowers. 🙂

  27. I will be working and hopefully coming home to some flowers or chocolates.

  28. amy guillaume linderman says

    probably taking my son to get his driver’s permit! then going out to dinner as a family. i always make a special dessert….maybe brownies with cherry topping

  29. Lawrence Walker says

    Entering sweepstakes…
    #sweepslinks 🏆

  30. Tammy Greer says

    I’ll be moving soon so packing and cleaning will be on my agenda. But, that night I hope to enjoy a nice meal and a great chocolate dessert. A great gift for me would be some quiet time and a sweet box of chocolates!

  31. dinner and a movie

  32. Sherry Lilly says

    spending it with the grand kids any kind of palmer candy is good

  33. Cristy Ridey says

    Sadly I will be working on Valentine’s Day. Chocolate is my favorite gift all year round.

  34. Casey Birmingham says

    We will be staying home enjoying Chinese takeout! All I want is a relaxing quiet night with my hubby of 26 years. As we get older, the simpler the better~ Palmer chocolate would be an awesome treat!

  35. My husband and I will be celebrating this weekend. I work nights during the week and the week is always so busy. Just spending quality time together on the weekend is the best. Going out to eat and getting chocolate of course.

  36. I will be helping out in my sons’ school that day. I’d like to try to the Snap & share .

  37. Phyllis Skoglund says

    I’ll cook a Swiss steak dinner for us.

  38. Probably working and coming home to spending it alone.

  39. Emma Potter says

    I will be going to school on Valentines day wishing I had a someone to spend it with. I wish I would get some chocolates or suckers!! 🙂 Love your guys’ stuff!!

  40. Kaylin Bruce says

    Going to spend time with my family. Love roses!

  41. I am not sure but hopefully something meaningful with my husband.

  42. I’lk be spending vakentine’s day with my pups Otto and Goku. They both mean so much to me!

  43. Melissa Moody says

    Workimg then watching my daughter play softball!

  44. Thresha Kilkenny says

    We don’t currently have anything planned, but we’ll see. After 16+ years of marriage we still enjoy doing little things for each other all year long.

  45. POONAM GOSAIN says

    Going for dinner and movie with family.

  46. Martha gugelman says

    Hoping to get a palmers your jawsome candy for v day

  47. dinner and a movie

  48. ashley kirchner says

    I am going to my daughters school for her class party!

  49. SHARON MARTIN says


  50. on valentines day we will stay at home and have a nice dinner and watch netflix. I hoope for the giraffe chocolate

  51. Kate Thompson says

    cooking dinner and a great dessert with Palmers in it!

  52. I will be baking heart-shaped cookies for my husband and kids! I like to decorate and spoil my family with sweet treats for the holiday!

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