Professions that you can do from the comfort of your own home

The coronavirus pandemic has brought upside down in our daily lives. It is a fact that just one year ago when things started to get serious about the cases, the uncertainty about the management of the pandemic had turned red.

With the exception of a few companies that took measures to protect the health of their employees in advance, advising them to start working from home, most companies in most countries were forced to move to remote work/telework after enforcement of various health measures to manage the coronavirus pandemic, which lasted – and continue to last – for months and months. Of course, this was a big change for several countries, because this new working situation was something completely new for them and their people.

Nevertheless, teleworking has become part of our daily lives, as it has proven to be an “adequate” way of working, while at the same time it is a way of working that could last even after the end of this pandemic. Needless to say, it is important to note that while many professions can make the most of teleworking, there are professions that cannot be done remotely. So what are some of the professions that one can practice from the security of one’s home today?

Personal trainer

Does it seem strange to you? With tools like Skype or FaceTime or Zoom etc., a personal trainer can easily communicate with his clients, helping them to set fitness goals and setting them a training program, while at the same time he can monitor their progress online. We all know that the real experience of a gym can not be replaced, but online fitness classes really have nothing to envy from others, offering you a fairly practical and effective workout experience.

Article Writer

Another profession that can take advantage of teleworking is the profession of columnist or writer. Many websites that promote the field of information do not make the employee’s presence in the workplace necessary. After all, with a good laptop, a columnist or writer can work from the comfort of his own home.

Professor (Tutor)

The majority of foreign countries use e-learning daily for various issues of education and teaching. In addition to home education, many pupils, students and people who are just interested in learning use e-learning to take online lessons from the comfort of their own home with a teacher or tutor who may be thousands of miles away.

Running an Online Store

Another area that has begun to grow in recent years in most countries is online stores. Social media advertising products to a targeted audience, and some good photos or videos can make a small business flourish dramatically.

Many stores turned to online sales after closing due to measures to curb the coronavirus pandemic. To sell your products online, you do not need more than a smartphone and laptop to be able to advertise them on social media.

It is important to mention that, during the first lockdown, Instagram launched the “support small business” application where small businesses could be more visible to the general public. Something that gave a little financial “breath” to these companies.

Voice actor

Finally, a not so ordinary but highly creative profession is that of voice actor. The voice actor is significantly different from the normal actor of theatre and cinema, and one of the most important is that the voice actor can perform his work from the comfort of his home. Having the appropriate recording and mixing equipment, he can record the content himself, working with any kind of client, without any geographical restrictions. This opening in this field of acting was realized by the company Voquent, in which you can join its huge creative team and practice the profession of voice actor, with quite competitive salaries and numerous development opportunities.

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